The University of Southampton

  • Telemac capabilities for resource modelling and sediment transport
  • OpenFOAM CFD capabilities for full 3D transient models with resolved turbulent structures using actuator disc and BEM turbine models.
  • ADCP and ADV data analysis for marine sites and validation purposes.

The University of Liverpool

  • Physical modelling of tidal stream device under realistic tidal conditions
  • Numerical modelling
  • CFD/coastal modelling of tidal stream device
  • Coastal/shelf modelling of tidal lagoon/barrage

The Ocean University of China

  • Ocean Dynamical Theory and Applications
  • Key Technologies for Coastal and Offshore Disaster Prevention
  • Technologies for Utilization of Ocean Renewable Energy
  • Marine environment monitoring and information transmission technologies
  • SGI super computer

The National Oceanography Centre

  • Expertise in oceanography: physics, chemistry and biology, including marine geosciences
  • Marine Systems Modelling Group expertise in structured and unstructured models on local, regional and global scales
  • Access to High Performance Computing
  • Capability in coastal and shelf seas observing systems, e.g., deployment of ADCP, wave buoys, gliders

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