The Challenge

By 2050 Europe could source up to 50% of its electricity needs from Marine Renewable Energy. This would have a profound impact on the European economy and European citizens. It would contribute to energy supply and security, reduce CO2 emissions and their impact on the oceans, improve the overall state of the environment, improve quality of life, create jobs in a range of innovative sectors and herald a new era of environmentally sustainable development.

CORER unites academics, researchers and postgraduate students with ambition to produce novel and fundamental scientific research within the offshore renewable energy field and disseminate research to industry to reduce inherent risks and uncertainties in the offshore renewable energy sector.

The CORER group strives to

  • identify key science questions of relevance to the deployment of Offshore Renewable Energy Converters,
  • build effective multi-disciplinary collaboration to win funding to answer these questions,
  • support offshore renewable industry in UK, Europe and China to overcome the technical and environmental challenges preventing large-scale deployment of energy converters in the marine environment.