1st CORER Researchers Meeting - Summary

The 1st CORER researchers meeting took place on the 20th of March 2014, at the National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool. It was attended by CORER researchers from the National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool and The University of Liverpool, as well as invited researchers and industry partners. The Capabilities within the CORER members based in Liverpool were discussed in a series of short presentations from Dr Judith Wolf, Dr Ming Li, Dr Louise O'Boyle and Hannah Buckland. Also, Dr Lin Jiang discussed 'Water to Wire', renewable energy generation and grid integration.

The second half of the meeting progressed similarly, with presentations outlining CORER opportunities and external offshore renewable research. A presentation on 'smart coatings for anti-fouling corrosion protection' was given by Prof. Dimitry Shchukin and Dr Rene Steijl presented the parallels between wind turbine simulations and CFD analysis of helicopters using moving/sliding mesh methods and fluid/structure interaction modelling.

Finally, Dr. Francisco Alejandro Diaz De la O presented methods to quantify uncertainty in hybrid renewable energy generation and his colleague, Dr Marco Alves from The Wave Energy Centre, WavEC, continued on a similar theme; presenting risk mitigation strategies for offshore renewables.

The meeting highlighted a wealth of Liverpool knowledge and expertise for modelling offshore renewable energy devices, within the context of a wider research and industrial community. The next CORER researchers meeting will take palce on the 29th of May. If you would like to attend email: hanbuc@noc.ac.uk, places are limited.