2nd CORER Researchers Meeting - Summary

The 2nd CORER researchers meeting took place on the 29th of May 2014, hosted by the University of Liverpool, Schools of Engineering, Electrical and Electronics and the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty.

The meeting continued shaping the research capabilities within the CORER group whilst broadening the scope of researchers included. This highlights the multi-disciplinary approach often needed to tackle the large challenges faced by the renewable sector.

Judith Wolf introduced CORER to the wider group and Ian Walkington presented the lessons learnt working on the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon modelling consultancy project. Chris Frid, from the University of Liverpool's School of Environmental Sciences, discussed the negative and also the positive potential effects of offshore renewable devices on the local environment and ecosystems. Marine spatial planning was introduced by Sue Kidd, University of Liverpool, and Karyn Morrissey also of the University of Liverpool, explained the economic perspective of offshore renewable energy.

Finally, Liverpool based wave energy consultant Ronan Costello presented a wave energy converter feasibility tool used in industry.

The event concluded with a group discussion of key questions:

‘What are the big socio-economic issues in the marine energy industry?’

‘How can strategic funding of ORE scientific research address the big issues in the marine energy industry?’

‘For you, what would success of the Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy Research (CORER) look like?’

For further information about this workshop or future events, please email corerenquiries@noc.ac.uk