The Ocean University of China's large tank facility

University of Southampton

  • Flumes for small scale experiments using porous disc rotor simulators
  • 0.8m diameter fully gauged three-blade 1/20th scale tidal turbine

University of Liverpool

  • High Speed Water Flume, Mechanical Laboratory
  • Wave Flume, Hydraulic Laboratory
  • Wave-current recirculation flume, Hydraulic Laboratory

Ocean University of China

  • Wind-wave-current tank, 60m × 36m × (1.5m–6m)
    • equipped with multi-directional wave maker
    • multi-directional current making system
    • overhead equipped computerized planar motion X-Y carriage system
  • Internal wave tank

National Oceanography Centre

  • Access to British Oceanographic Data Centre and expertise in marine data handling
  • UK research vessel RRS Discovery and opportunistic observing systems
  • Support from National Marine Facility, NOC (Southampton) including instruments and technicians High Speed Water Flume, Mechanical Laboratory