GreenBlue Horizon Scan for December 2014

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, drones and robots

Robot fleet successfully completes pioneering mission    2 December 2014

Smaller Lidars Could Allow UAVs to Conduct Underwater Scans    5 December 2014

US Navy Tests Unmanned Underwater Vehicle    12 December 2014

AUV Maps Seafloor for Tidal Energy Development    16 December 2014

Testing of New Survey ROV Underway    16 December 2014

Mooring Free Buoy    19 December 2014

Analyzing the propulsion of a soft robotic fish    24 December 2014

NUS (Singapore) Builds Turtle Robot for Underwater Tasks    31 December 2014


Company News

Turbine contract awarded to local firm (Shetland Composites)    1 December 2014

Aquamarine Power to scale down its business.   3 December 2014

Black & Veatch And Dynapower Form Energy Storage Alliance    3 December 2014

Aquatera dives into French marine    8 December 2014

Mabey Bridge quits renewables    12 December 2014

Terra Firma to offload Infinis    15 December 2014

Dong Decides to Build Burbo Bank Extension    19 December 2014

HIE buys Pelamis but jobs go    20 December 2014

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind Finalizes First Order For Massive V164-8.0 MW    24 December 2014

Nautilus offers GREAT advice    24 December 2014



Partnership Makes Marine Bathymetry Data More Easily Available    8 December 2014

Interactive Map of International Maritime Boundaries    9 December 2014

Met Office, WindSim Partner for Better Wind Energy Forecasting    10 December 2014

UK’s Offshore Wind Generates 14% More Energy in Q3 2014    18 December 2014

UK energy consumption falls    18 December 2014

DHI Develops Strategic Initiatives for Ocean Energy Data Portal    19 December 2014

Website shines light on renewable energy resources (Arizona)    24 December 2014


Energy Storage

Future batteries: Lithium-sulfur with a graphene wrapper    16 December 2014

Europe's Largest Battery Storage Project Goes Online In The U.K.    16 December 2014

Belgium to Decide on Wind Energy Storing Island in 2015    17 December 2014

PSE, RES link for storage pilot (Washington State)    18 December 2014

Iberdrola plugs in battery demo (Vitoria Spain)    18 December 2014

USA Researchers Developing Affordable Flow Battery Technology    19 December 2014


Environmental Impact

MIT Review Finds No Health Risks From Wind Turbines    1 December 2014

Wind turbine warning for wildlife    4 December 2014

Wind farms to do not affect property values, study finds    8 December 2014

Forewind investigates Harbour Porpoises in North Sea    9 December 2014

Borssele Offshore Wind Site First to Try New Environmental Framework    11 December 2014

Funding awarded to Swansea University project to look at the effects of tidal and wave energy    11 December 2014

Can Wind Energy And Birds Coexist? Environmental Group Says Yes    11 December 2014

Alderney gannets to be tracked    14 December 2014

99% of seabirds 'avoid turbines'    15 December 2014

Study pumps up the volume on understanding of marine invertebrate hearing    22 December 2014

Pacificorp guilty in bird deaths    23 December 2014



French renewables event    15 December 2014

RenewableUK to bring prestigious marine energy conference to Britain in 2016    29 December 2014



Innovation and Investment Drive the Wind Power Industry    1 December 2014

Swansea Bay tidal energy project attracts overseas interest    2 December 2014

Offshore finance picture improves    4 December 2014

Catapult calls for marine lifeline    17 December 2014

UK offshore windfall    18 December 2014

MeyGen Nets GBP Multi-Million Funding for Phase 1A    19 December 2014

Statkraft Plans Multibillion Investment in Renewables    22 December 2014


Grid developments

Researchers to develop "Super Grid" for sharing wind power    5 December 2014



Monobase Wind completes testing    4 December 2014

Smaller lidars could allow UAVs to conduct underwater scans    4 December 2014

Catapult to Launch Tidal Turbine Foundation Competition    5 December 2014

Fighting fouling with fibres    10 December 2014

Sabella Advances with Its Tidal Energy Device    11 December 2014

Norwegian Wave Energy Technology Developer on the Right Track    10 December 2014

Self-repairing subsea material    16 December 2014

MMT, Reach Subsea Invest in New Underwater Survey Technology    16 December 2014

Offshore Wind Defines Innovation Horizon, Make Says    22 December 2014


Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion   

French fancy new OTEC project    23 December 2014



3 offshore wind farms get the go ahead off the coast of Yorkshire, supporting up to 2,500 jobs    10 December 2014

Crown Estate: Hornsea 1 Pins UK as Global Offshore Wind Leader    11 December 2014

Scotland unveils marine blueprint    12 December 2014

Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Awaits Next Phase    15 December 2014

Marine Scotland Science Issues New Info Needed for Planning and Licensing    19 December 2014



UK 'should axe £1bn offshore pot'       1 December 2014

Government Backs Offshore Wind and Tidal Energy    4 December 2014

Wales Wants to Stop Fracking and Use Its Offshore Renewable Resources    4 December 2014


Renewable energy

E.ON to focus on renewables and spin off fossil fuels    2 December 2014

Marine Power May Suffer More Casualties After Siemens Tidal Sale    5 December 2014

Renewable Energy Review: United Kingdom    22 December 2014

2014 Renewable Energy Recap: Stepping Backward, Crawling Forward    23 December 2014      

Tidal energy

DECC mulls Swansea lagoon CfD    2 December 2014

France Gives Green Light for Two Tidal Energy Projects    2 December 2014

EMEC trials underway for Iberian tidal device    2 December 2014

Tidal Energy Moves to Next Stage of Development as France Announces Winners of Pilot Farms Tender    2 December 2014

Wales Declares Tidal Lagoons as Good option    3 December 2014

How ocean current could power half the homes in Florida    4 December 2014

Tidal turbine success signals buoyant future for marine-based energy    11 December 2014

Spain enters commercialization of tidal energy with US$1.2 million ATIR prototype    12 December 2014

Alstom breaks GWh tidal barrier    19 December 2014


 Wave energy

Waves of encouragement for Seatricity    2 December 2014

First CETO 5 Clocks 700 Hours, Second Unit on Its Way    16 December 2014

Wave energy converter receives SCORE grant to secure IPR    21 December 2014

Electricity generator for wave energy    29 December 2014

Marine Power Systems Updates Investors on Its Development    29 December 2014


Wind energy      

Offshore Wind Drives Northern European Long Term Wind Power Growth    1 December 2014

First Flight dumps NI offshore plan    2 December 2014

V164 makes grade for MHI Vestas    2 December 2014

Paris takes plunge on floating wind    2 December 2014

SoftBank to Invest in Altaeros’ Airborne Wind Turbine Technology    5 December 2014

Windfarm Update: Dudgeon    8 December 2013

Windfarm Update: Burbo Bank Extension    8 December 2014

UK Storm Drives Wind Turbines to Record Output Levels    10 December 2014

Report: Wind Has More Than Enough Potential To Cover World's Energy Needs    15 December 2014

Modec's Skwid wind/tidal offshore turbine sinks again off western Japan    19 December 2014

MAKE: European Offshore Wind Heading toward 2016 Cliff    22 December 2014

Galloper fate to be set in spring    29 December 2014