Offshore renewable news for April 2014

ORE Catapult merges with NaREC, NOC's new generation ocean robots and anti-ice wind turbine paint....the offshore renewable related news for April 2014. Organised into the news catagories...

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Company News

Navitus Bay formalises commitment to working with local ports 1 April 2014

Wave Hub Marine Energy Park Books Third Berth 1 April 2014

Langlee Signs Wave Energy Agreements at Canary Islands 1 April 2014

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind Established 1 April 2014

Iberdrola to Continue Investing in Wind Energy Projects 1 April 2014

Subsea World News - UTEC StarNet Team Up with Sky Futures for 3D Inspection 2 April 2014

CRE Recommends GDF SUEZ’s Consortium to Build French OWFs >> Offshore Wind 2 April 2014

Marubeni Corporation and UK Green Investment Bank to become co-owners of DONG Energy’s Westermost Rough offshore wind 2 April 2014

ORE Catapult and Narec merge 3 April 2014

2G Robotics Sets Up UK Headquarters in Aberdeen 9 April 2014

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon Reports Expected Loss of GBP 6.6 Mln 10 April 2014

UK Offers World-Class R&D Resources for Offshore Renewables 11 April 2014

UK bankrolls tidal blade factory 11 April 2014

MESL Conducts Environmental Survey at Scira 16 April 2014

APEM Helps with East Anglia ONE Application 18 April 2014



Wind energy: On the grid, off the checkerboard 1 April 2014

AXYS’ ‘Smart Bay’ Provides Important Environmental Data 8 April 2014

Norcom to Create ‘Google Maps’ for East Anglian Seabed 9 April 2014

MMO Releases OW Post-Consent Monitoring Report 15 April 2014

Seabed mappers Score £20k 22 April 2014

VIDEO: Navitus Bay Interactive 3D Offshore Model 23 April 2014

Photo of the Day: Siemens’ Offshore Wind Infographic 23 April 2014

Energy trends section 6: renewables 24 April 2014

K2 Management to Develop Global Offshore Wind Installation Database 24 April 2014

NPL Issues Good Practice Guide for Underwater Noise Measurement 25 April 2014

Mainstream flidar bobbing off Fife 25 April 2014

UKERC and ETI’s Marine Energy Roadmap Suggest Cost Reduction 25 April 2014

US crafts inspection program 28 April 2014

DECC’s Public Attitude Survey Shows 77% Support for Offshore Wind 30 April 2014


Energy Storage

AES plans 100MW NI wind storage 3 April 2014

The Democratizing Promise of Energy Storage 4 April 2014

Energy Storage: Bank On It 4 April 2014

Engineers develop new materials for hydrogen storage 15 April 2014

Expert looks at marine impact 29 April 2014


Environmental Impact

Researchers Investigate Hearing of Marine Mammals 1 April 2014

BOEM Issues EA for Offshore Wind Development off Georgia USA 2 April 2014

MMO Discusses Westermost Rough OWF’s Impact with DONG and ERYC 8 April 2014

Montauk USA Fishermen Worried about Offshore Wind Farms’ Impact 9 April 2014

U.S. Learns from UK about Offshore Wind Impact on Fishery 9 April 2014

Navitus Bay wind farm dismisses noise criticism 10 April 2014

Aveillant’s Holographic Radar™ Successfully Integrated with Thales STAR 2000 11 April 2014

Wind farms impact on house prices disputed in contradictory studies 13 April 2014

Rotterdam Port Concerned about Offshore Wind Development 14 April 2014

Making Wind Turbines More Bird-Friendly 16 April 2014

Dong, Eon, Strabag launch joint venture for environmental assessment 17 April 2014

SMRU Takes Part in Post-Consent Monitoring Report 17 April 2014

ABC, BSBO Say Icebreaker (Ohio USA) Could Affect Bird Migrations 23 April 2014

The relationship between the movement of wind turbines and the generation of lightning 24 April 2014



Green Investment Bank announces major investment in UK offshore wind 1 April 2014

OW Drives Clean Energy Investments in UK 3 April 2014

UK wind investment soars 50% 3 April 2014

Scottish Wave and Tidal Industry to Get GBP 6 Mln 3 April 2014

French Renewable Energy Projects Get EUR 750 Mln 7 April 2014

Study: Green energy drawing investment worldwide 7 April 2014

Shale Gas Boom Leaves Wind Power Developers Seeking More Subsidy 9 April 2014

RGF Supports MCT’s Tidal Technology Development (UK) 10 April 2014

US DoE offers $4m for marine R&D 11 April 2014

EC adopts new guidelines on renewable energy, biofuel support 15 April 2014

£6 million for wave and tidal industry 16 April 2014

US DOE to Fund Two Wave Energy Projects 18 April 2014

RenewableUK comments on announcement of guarantees for financial support for five offshore wind farms 23 April 2014

Bloomberg: global renewable investments down, but power share up 23 April 2014

Energi Coast: Government’s Support Major Step in the Right Direction 23 April 2014

UK marine ‘must halve costs’ 25 April 2014

Pension Funds Hold a Key to Renewable Energy Finance 30 April 2014



RUK Announces Programme for Global Offshore Wind 2014 17 April 2014



New offshore wind turbine installation method 7 April 2014

VIDEO: Dynamic Tidal Power Concept 7 April 2014

Five Big OW Companies Test Vibratory Driving of Monopiles 7 April 2014

Gamesa launches innovative anti-icing paint for wind turbines 8 April 2014

Windsor’s big answer to extra electricity: store it underwater (With Video) 13 April 2014

Floating nuclear plants could ride out tsunamis: New design for enhanced safety, easier siting and

centralized construction 16 April 2014

European Consortium to Develop SPINFLOAT 17 April 2014

Harnessing Waves with Nanostructured Hydrophobic Surface 21 April 2014

MUPFLOST Presents Its Floating Structure Concept 22 April 2014

MacArtney to Provide Swivel Solution for Next-Generation Scottish Tidal Turbine 24 April 2014

New sustainable scour protection unveiled 25 April 2014

Industry Insight: EMP Makes First Public Display of Sustainable Shipping Technologies & Concepts 28 April 2014

6MW floating VAWT unveiled 28 April 2014


Marine Bioenergy

New French-Chilean Joint Unit to Study Marine Algae 1 April 2014

MSC to Develop Sustainable Seaweed Standard 16 April 2014



Ports on standby for Navitus 1 April 2014

Plans for Europe's largest off-shore wind farm due to be unveiled today 1 April 2014

Humber Estuary port development plans to be reviewed 3 April 2014

Siemens’ Offshore Wind Hub to Impact Neighbouring Places 4 April 2014

ABP: UK Parliament’s Decision Paves the Way for Compromise 4 April 2014

Europe needs maritime spatial planning to avoid over-exploitation of our seas 9 April 2014

Planning Inspectorate Receives Navitus Bay Application 14 April 2014

Navitus defends consultation 15 April 2014

EU Parliament Adopts Maritime Spatial Planning Legislation 18 April 2014

MMO Publishes ABPmer’s Co-Existence Report 24 April 2014

UK Planning Inspectorate Accepts Forewind’s Application 24 April 2014



OES Releases New Report on Ocean Energy Policies 1 April 2014

EC energy policy shift for 2030: a competitive low-carbon economy 3 April 2014

Politics bars new energy order 3 April 2014

VIP passes for English tidal 3 April 2014

Berlin nod for reforms draft 8 April 2014

EC Proposes to Gradually Terminate Support for Renewables after 2020 10 April 2014

Tynwald (Isle of Man) Says Yes to Offshore Wind 11 April 2014

Britons should ‘embrace’ onshore and offshore wind, says Ed Miliband 22 April 2014


Renewable energy

Ocean Energy Forum to Accelerate Commercialisation of Ocean Energy Sector 4 April 2014

Cross-Channeling marine energy 8 April 2014

UN Climate Change Panel to Discuss Global Transition to Renewable Energy 9 April 2014

Renewable Energy Leaders Determine Future Strategies to Increase Power Production 10 April 2014

French tap local network 10 April 2014

A vision for marine renewable energy in Scotland.... 11 April 2014

Spotlight on Africa: Renewable energy projects hold promise 14 April 2014

Global Renewable Energy Should Triple to Save Climate, UN Panel Says 14 April 2014

Basse-Normandie and the Channel Islands sign cooperation agreement for Renewable Marine Energy 15 April 2014

Power from the oceans: Blue energy 15 April 2014

‘Huge milestone’ for renewables as US navy turns seawater into fuel 19 April 2014

RenewableUK comments on new marine energy roadmap 25 April 2014

Managing and mitigating risks for renewable technologies: Part II 29 April 2014

The Marine Energy Research Innovation and Knowledge Accelerator (MERIKA) Project officially launched 29 April 2014


Tidal energy

OpenHydro to Build Tidal Energy Demonstration Project in Bay of Fundy 1 April 2014

MCT, Bluewater Cooperate on Development of SeaGen F Tidal Turbine 1 April 2014

Marine Current Turbines, Bluewater Energy to develop 2 MW tidal turbine for Bay of Fundy 1 April 2014

Firm eyes up Bluemull tidal power bridge 1 April 2014

DP Energy scoops Westray tidal 3 April 2014

Hydrokinetic energy projects in 2014 3 April 2014

CMN, Hydroquest eye tidal pilot 9 April 2014

Tidal array to be built off Alderney 'by 2020' 10 April 2014

Severn Barrage could put Cardiff Capital Region on the global stage 14 April 2014

West Somerset Council Hosts Tidal Power Conference 14 April 2014

Turning the Tide on Barrage Technology 15 April 2014

ORPC Takes Another Step Forward with Cobscook Bay Tidal Energy Project 16 April 2014

Plans for Large Tidal Lagoon Presented in Somerset, UK 17 April 2014

Irish firm's vision for tidal project 18 April 2014

Tidal Lagoons More Profitable than Barrage for Severn 21 April 2014

OpenHydro and Alderney Renewable Energy forge joint to develop tidal array 30 April 2014


Wave energy

OPT pulls plug in Oregon 1 April 2014

Carnegie heading to Wave Hub 1 April 2014

Carnegie to Depoly CETO 6 Technology at Wave Hub 1 April 2014

Carnegie: Australian Federal Minister Unveils CETO 5 9 April 2014

VIDEO: Oceanlinx Wave Energy Generator Stuck off Carrickalinga 15 April 2014

Carnegie Completes Oversubscribed Capital Raise 23 April 2014

SEAI Boosts ESB’s Westwave Project with $1.8 Mln Funding 23 April 2014

11 Irish Companies Establish Wave Energy Developers Association 24 April 2014

$10m purse for US wave energy 28 April 2014

OEC to Carry Out Testing of RMEs Flap Wave Energy Converter 28 April 2014

Why wave power has lagged far behind as an energy source 28 April 2014

Wind energy

VIDEO: World’s Most Powerful Wind Turbine 1 April 2014

New Offshore Wind Market Report 2 April 2014

Advancements in Wind Turbine Technology: Improving Efficiency and Reducing Cost 2 April 2014

GWEC: Global Wind Market Rebounds in 2014 10 April 2014

Royal Academy of Engineering Reports on Further Wind Power Development in GB 16 April 2014

Grout failures bite MT Hojgaard 17 April 2014

Dong Reviews Its Offshore Wind Plans for Germany 21 April 2014

Can Europe’s grid take on its offshore power? 24 April 2014

Offshore Wind approaching 7 GW worldwide 28 April 2014


Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, drones and robots

Startup creates underwater robotics with a human touch 8 April 2014

NOC Works with ASV and MOST on New Generation Ocean Robots 15 April 2014

MACAW Engineering Buys Fleet of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems 16 April 2014

Crabster CR200 to Conduct First Mission Soon (VIDEO) 18 April 2014

Marine Robots Survey D-Day Rehearsal 22 April 2014

STEM: SeaPerch Underwater Robotic Championships 23 April 2014

Cyberhawk buzzes Dogger masts 28 April 2014

Kongsberg Delivers Seagliders to National Oceanography Centre 29 April 2014