Offshore renewable news for Aug 2014

Aquamarine Power joins Bosch Rexroth for WEC offshore electricity generator and new UK energy record - 15% electricity from renewables. The offshore renewable related news for Aug 2014. Organised into the news categories...

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Company News


Centrica, Dong Drop Celtic Array    1 August 2014

PMSS Advises U.S. Government On Offshore Wind Cable Spacing    1 August 2014

Siemens $25 Billion Financing Arm Helps Promote Renewable Energy Technologies    4 August 2014

QED Naval Secures up to GBP 550,000 Fund    6 August 2014

Ploughing the seabed for energy    13 August 2014

Stonehenge Metals to Buy Protean Wave Energy Converter    14 August 2014

Offshore Renewables Opportunity Knocks for Cornwall Businesses    15 August 2014

ABB's Awarded Grid Connection for Euro Tidal Project    18 August 2014

Atkins Hired as Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay’s Engineer    18 August 2014

Major Wave Energy Developers Enter Collaboration    22 August 2014

Port of Ardersier Gets Full Consent to Become Offshore Wind Super-Hub    20 August 2014

Carnegie Signs Collaboration Agreement with European Wave Energy Developers    22 August 2014





UK Presents 2014 Energy Statistics    1 August 2014

Statistical press release: Digest of UK energy statistics 2014    1 August 2014

SNH fresh view on wind farms    1 August 2014

U.K. Offshore Wind Generation Jumps 52% In 2013    1 August 2014

Brown and May Conducting Larval Sampling at Beatrice Site    4 August 2014

MAKE Consulting Updates Its Global Offshore Wind Power Project Database    6 August 2014

Catapult takes marine data lead    7 August 2014

Mainstream digs deeper on 450MW    11 August 2014

New methods help fill in wave gaps for coastal planning    11 August 2014

Seabed Drilling Starts at Navitus Bay OWF Site    12 August 2014

Tidal turbulence measured    13 August 2014

ABPmer extends coastal database    14 August 2014

First Flight seeks heritage nous    18 August 2014

Project serves up big data to guide managing America's coastal waters    18 August 2014

UCSB Studies Offshore Wind Potential in Bermuda    19 August 2014

New study finds price of wind energy in US at an all-time low; competitiveness of wind has improved    19 August 2014

Met Office alert for Germany    27 August 2014


An open source GIS tool to quantify the visual impact of wind turbines and photovoltaic panels    Environmental Impact Assessment Review Volume 49, November 2014, Pages 70–78

Large-eddy simulation of turbulent flow past wind turbines/farms: the Virtual Wind Simulator (VWiS)    Wind Energy Early View (Online Version of Record published before inclusion in an issue) Article first published online: 25 AUG 2014

Data collection and mapping – Principles, processes and application in marine spatial planning    Marine Policy Volume 50, Part A, December 2014, Pages 27–33



Energy Storage


Grid Battery Storage: Four Reasons to Invest    1 August 2014

'Wetting' a battery's appetite for renewable energy storage    1 August 2014

Mainstream trials battery in Ireland    1 August 2014

Sharp Lightens Solar Business, Shifts Focus to Energy Storage Systems    4 August 2014

Phasing Out Fossils: Big Companies Using Thermal Storage to Meet Carbon Rules    4 August 2014

RES Canada Completes Energy Storage System In Ontario    6 August 2014

NASA selects proposals for advanced energy storage systems    8 August 2014

The Future of Energy Storage: Perspectives from the Copper Industry    11 August 2014

New material could be used for energy storage    14 August 2014

The Next Big Challenge for Energy Storage    21 August 2014


Residual load, renewable surplus generation and storage requirements in Germany    Energy Policy Volume 73, October 2014, Pages 65–79

The role of hydrogen and fuel cells to store renewable energy in the future energy network – potentials and challenges    Energy Policy Volume 73, October 2014, Pages 103–109


Environmental Impact


Salmon Could Interact with Renewable Energy Generators    1 August 2014

Wind and tidal energy will safeguard environment ( Isle of Man)    4 August 2014

Fugro to Undertake Surveys at Dudgeon Wind Farm    5 August 2014

Ship noise puts fish in danger    7 August 2014

Waters around Orkney at heart of new research initiative    7 August 2014

Avoiding Explosive Consequences: Five Lessons from the Offshore Wind Sector    8 August 2014

Marine Energy Effect on Birds    8 August 2014

Offshore guide gives sound advice    11 August 2014

SMRU Marine Releases New Tool to Assess Noise Impact on Marine Mammals    12 August 2014

Vessel Damaged after Alliding with Walney OWF Turbine    15 August 2014

APEM Assesses Rampion Wind Farm Impact on Birds    18 August 2014

Bats versus wind turbines    19 August 2014

Scottish Natural Heritage: Two New Reports on Marine Renewables    20 August 2014

Ecosse’s Route Clearance and Seabed Preparation Spread Available    21 August 2014

New tool to assess noise impact on marine mammals    22 August 2014

USA Eagle Take Permits For Wind Farms - Will They Fly?21 August 2014

Setting The Record Straight: How Many Birds Do Wind Turbines Really Kill?    28 August 2014


Simulating blade-strike on fish passing through marine hydrokinetic turbines    Renewable Energy Volume 71, November 2014, Pages 401–413

An integrated visual impact assessment model for offshore windfarm development    Ocean & Coastal Management Volume 98, September 2014, Pages 95–110

Visualization for planning and management of oceans and coasts    Ocean & Coastal Management Volume 98, September 2014, Pages 176–185

Getting it right for the North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaenaglacialis): A last opportunity for effective marine spatial planning?    Marine Pollution Bulletin Volume 85, Issue 1, 15 August 2014, Pages 24–32

Predicting the large-scale consequences of offshore wind turbine array development on a North Sea ecosystem    Continental Shelf Research Volume 85, 15 August 2014, Pages 60–72

Impact of tidal-stream arrays in relation to the natural variability of sedimentary processes    Renewable Energy Volume 72, December 2014, Pages 311–321





International Tidal Energy Summit. 24/26 November 2014 Victoria Plaza Hotel London    1 August 2014

11th  European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference EWTEC2015 Nantes (FRANCE) 6th to 11th September 2015    1 August 2014

All-Energy Exhibition and Conference UK’s largest renewable energy event  The SECC, Glasgow 6-7 May 2015    1 August 2014

Scottish Renewables Marine Conference Inverness 23/24 September 2014    1 August 2014

36th RenewableUk Conference Manchester 11/13 November 2014    1 August 2014

Irish Sea Fisheries Board to Host Farmed Seaweed Conference Limerick 18 November 2014    28 August 2014





Financing the future of renewable energy    7 August 2014

Vattenfall, Stadtwerke München Decide to Invest in Sandbank OWF    11 August 2014

Big Companies, Big Renewable Investments    11 August 2014

Chinese Offshore Wind Market Stagnating, Disappointing Investors    12 August 2014

OERA, TSB to Fund Tidal Energy Research Projects    15 August 2014

Atlantis scores £50m tidal cash    21 August 2014

Crown Estate to invest almost £10m in tidal project    26 August 2014

Atlantis Resources signs £7.5m deal with Britain's Energy Technologies Institute    26 August 2014

Expect $1.6 Trillion in Clean Energy Investments Through 2020, Says IEA    28 August 2014

Plunge in UK Distributed Energy Investment Forecast for 2019    28 August 2014

MeyGen gets go-ahead    28 August 2014

DECC sets CfD date in stone    29 August 2014





Barnacles: Marine 'pest' provides advances in maritime anti-fouling and biomedicine      1 August 2014

Japan Makes a Splash with Their New Tidal Energy System    2 August 2014

Device Using Three Renewable Energy Sources Under Development in Bosnia & Herzegovina    5 August 2014

Shipping renewable energy innovation project launched    6 August 2014

U.S. DOE Calls Coders to Advance Wave Energy Industry    7 August 2014

Microscopic hydroelectrics and space-based solar: the renewable energy of the future    8 August 2014

Underwater 'vacuuming' proves less of a chore    11 August 2014

PLAT-O tidal taps Orcades wisdom    14 August 2014

Researchers create wind-powered mechanoluminescent lighting material    19 August 2014

The Crown Estate launches innovative two-bladed wind turbines project in Scotland    20 August 2014

Floating Solar to Be Tested in Mediterranean Sea    20 August 2014

The power of salt: Power generation from where river water and seawater meet    20 August 2014

New Concrete Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations to Be Installed in English Channel    21 August 2014

4NRg Secures SCORE Funding for Offshore Desalination Unit    21 August 2014

New Cable Technology Can Carry Twice as Much Power from Offshore Wind Farms    21 August 2014

The Power of Salt    25 August 2014


What drives the development of renewable energy technologies? Toward a typology for the systemic drivers    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Volume 38, October 2014, Pages 834–847

Conceptual demonstration of novel closed-loop pressure retarded osmosis process for sustainable osmotic energy generation    Applied Energy Volume 132, 1 November 2014, Pages 383–393



Marine Bioenergy


Energy input, carbon intensity and cost for ethanol produced from farmed seaweed    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Volume 38, October 2014, Pages 609–623

Seaweed biomass of the Philippines: Sustainable feedstock for biogas production    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Volume 38, October 2014, Pages 1056–1068

A parametric study on supercritical water gasification of Laminaria hyperborea: A carbohydrate-rich macroalga    Bioresource Technology Volume 169, October 2014, Pages 573–580


Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion


Ocean Thermal Energy: Back From the Deep    29 August 2014


An economic and environmental assessment of transporting bulk energy from a grazing ocean thermal energy conversion facility    Renewable Energy Volume 71, November 2014, Pages 361–367

Off-design performance analysis of a closed-cycle ocean thermal energy conversion system with solar thermal preheating and superheating    Renewable Energy Volume 72, December 2014, Pages 154–163





Islanders hit out at extending wild protection areas    2 August 2014

Maritime Spatial Planning Directive    6 August 2014

Walney 3 ball in DECC court    7 August 2014

US Secretary Jewell Announces Milestone for Commercial Wind Energy Development Offshore North Carolina    8 August 2014

DONG Energy Bans Norfolk Fishermen from Race Bank Site    14 August 2014

E3G, Imperial College London: How to Build North Sea Grid without Regretting It    18 August 2014

Scottish Islands Framework Confirms Crown Estate’s Key Role in Wave, Tidal Energy    18 August 2014

Ten-Point Plan Agreed for 3 Scottish Islands    18 August 2014

Dogger Bank Creyke Beck’s Examination Complete    18 August 2014

EIA consent deferrals    28 August 2014


Developing regional locational guidance for wave and tidal energy in the Shetland Islands   Marine Policy Volume 50, Part A, December 2014, Pages 53–66

Regional marine spatial planning – The data collection and mapping process    Marine Policy Volume 50, Part A, December 2014, Pages 1–9




CEC: ‘Real’ 20 Pct Renewable Energy Target Would Decimate Industry    21 August 2014

US auctions 80,000 acres offshore Maryland for wind energy    24 August 2014

Policy Uncertainty Threatens to Slow Renewable Energy Momentum    28 August 2014



Renewable energy


New UK record: nearly 15% of electricity from renewables – more than half from wind    1 August 2014

IRENA Explores Potential of Four Ocean Energy Technologies    11 August 2014

German renewable energy sector sets new world record    12 August 2014

Global Renewable Energy Status Uncovered    13 August 2014

Could Africa be the Global Epicenter of Renewable Energy by 2030?    15 August 2014

Marine Renewable Energy Technology Taking Longer Than Hoped    18 August 2014

Scotland's double first: tidal array and twin-bladed offshore wind turbines    29 August 2014


A roadmap for repowering California for all purposes with wind, water, and sunlight    Energy Volume 73, 14 August 2014, Pages 875–889

A Canadian 2050 energy outlook: Analysis with the multi-regional model TIMES-Canada    Applied Energy Volume 132, 1 November 2014, Pages 56–65

Renewable energy resources: Current status, future prospects and their enabling technology   Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Volume 39, November 2014, Pages 748–764





Insurance Industry Keeps Up with Renewable Energy Development    6 August 2014



Tidal energy


SI Ocean Publishes Tidal and Wave Strategy for Europe    1 August 2014

Artificial Shipwreck to Show Tidal Lagoon Is Applicable Off Cornwall    4 August 2014

Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay: the mastering of the tide    6 August 2014

DeltaStream on slipway in Wales    7 August 2014

Company forging ahead with proposed $125 million Pembroke Maine USA power project    6 August 2014

The Lizard could see 40 new jobs opened due to renewable energy development in Swansea Bay.    7 August 2014

Paul Hales, Director Hales Water Turbines talks on tidal stream's new image for 2014    8 August 2014

Tidal gets a hand from big industrial concerns    8 August 2014

Scotrenewables floats Lashy plan    12 August 2014

Offshore Energy Research Association of Nova Scotia (OERA) and the Technology Strategy Board announce new tidal stream competition    13 August 2014

Tidal Stream and Wave Power    14 August 2014

Tidal stream and wave power – a lot still to prove    14 August 2014

World’s biggest tidal array to bring energy and jobs boost to North Scotland    21 August 2014

Sustainable Marine Energy platform hopes to be a tidal game changer    22 August 2014

MCT shelves Skerries tidal    28 August 2014


Evaluating the potential for energy extraction from turbines in the gulf stream system    Renewable Energy Volume 72, December 2014, Pages 12–21

Optimization modelling of the impacts of a Severn Barrage for a two-way generation scheme using a Continental Shelf model    Renewable Energy Volume 72, December 2014, Pages 415–427


  Wave energy


SI Ocean Delivers Wave and Tidal Deployment Strategy    1 August 2014

Carnegie’s Perth Project Remains in Focus in Q2, CETO 6 Progresses    1 August 2014

Oyster shell packs added muscle    1 August 2014

OPT shrinks wave ambitions    4 August 2014

Modelling to Unlock the Potential of Wave Energy Farms    8 August 2014

Swedes install wave power array    15 August 2014

Carnegie Selected as Finalist in Australian Technologies Competition    18 August 2014

Pelamis Wave: World’s First Wave Power Generated Ten Years Ago    19 August 2014

2020 Wave and Tidal Energy Forecast Report Published    27 August 2014


Wave energy potential along the western Portuguese coast    Renewable Energy Volume 71, November 2014, Pages 8–17

Wave energy resource assessment in Menorca (Spain)    Renewable Energy Volume 71, November 2014, Pages 51–60

On the wave energy potential along the eastern Baltic Sea coast    Renewable Energy Volume 71, November 2014, Pages 221–233

Assessing the optimal location for a shoreline wave energy converter   Applied Energy Volume 132, 1 November 2014, Pages 404–411


Wind energy      


Regen SW: West Coast With no Round 3 Offshore Wind Project    1 August 2014

Turbines and targets: the UK wind energy landscape    1 August 2014

Embryonic No More: U.S. Offshore Wind Industry Gaining Momentum    6 August 2014

Eight Major Offshore Wind Players Unite to Improve O&M Performance    14 August 2014

UK wind energy sets new record for August    14 August 2014

Two-Bladed 6MW Turbines to Spin in Scottish Waters    20 August 2014

Wind Energy Scenarios for 2020    20 August 2014

Will heat be the winner in de-icing turbine blades?    22 August 2014

Milestone for Siemens 6MW turbine    24 August 2014

Site finalised for two-bladed offshore wind turbines    24 August 2014

Case for commercialised floating turbines in offshore Japan stronger than ever    25 August 2014

Professor Bang Designs Offshore Windmill Foundations for KEPRI    27 August 2014

Scottish Govt OKs European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre    29 August 2014


Future for offshore wind energy in the United Kingdom: The way forward    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Volume 39, November 2014, Pages 655–666



Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, drones and robots


Robot patrols for ports?    1 August 2014

Fastwave Becomes Australian Distributor of Kongsberg Seaglider System    20 August 2014

Saab Seaeye Falcon ROV Helps Japan to Harness Offshore Wind    22 August 2014

UTEC Finalises Apache Infield AUV Inspection Off Australia    28 August 2014


A brief taxonomy of autonomous underwater vehicle design literature    Ocean Engineering Volume 88, 15 September 2014, Pages 627–630