Offshore renewable news for February 2014

Seatricity begins work in Falmouth, 8MW wind turbine selected for Burbo Bank and 'Pioneer' Makes NjordWorks Debut....the offshore renewable related news for February 2014. Organised into the news catagories...

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Company News

Shipyard wins major renewables contract with leading wave energy firm 4 February 2014

Dong 'more confident' in UK offshore 5 February 2014

NERC signs MoU with multinational energy company Shell 7 February 2014

Irish Government Increases Marine Energy Commitment to Carnegie 11 February 2014

USA: Dynegy Turns from Gas to Wave Energy 11 February 2014

Eight Mainstream’s Renewables Projects Start with Construction in 2014 11 February 2014

A&P Falmouth to Start Building Seatricity’s Wave Energy Device 17 February 2014

Vestas’ 8MW Turbine Selected for Burbo Bank Extension 18 February 2014

Mainstream Picks Siemens’ 6MW Turbine for Neart na Gaoithe OWF 19 February 2014

Carnegie and Atlantis Resources Sign Collaboration Agreement 25 February 2014


Marine Protected Area Byelaws to Protect Coastal Waters of Hampshire, Dorset and Isle of Wight 1 February 2014

DARPA open catalog makes agency-sponsored software and publications available to all 5 February 2014

Germany shakes up seabed probes 11 February 2014

STAGES MSFD Survey Results now Available on the Marine Knowledge Gate 11 February 2014

Eternal youth for turbine fleet 20 February 2014

University of Delaware Launches Offshore Wind Initiative 26 February 2014

WaveFarmer and TidalFarmer Showcased Through VIDEO 27 February 2014

Energy Storage

Energy Storage Update: WattJoule, Primus, Green Charge Networks 5 February 2014

£8 million boost for energy storage innovation 13 February 2014

DECC cash for storage demo 13 February 2014

Eon on board for 5MW battery 13 February 2014

Environmental Impact

Wind farms to blink only when necessary 3 February 2014

Baker Consultants Gets Marine Noise Monitoring Contract from GeoSea 5 February 2014

TÜV SÜD PMSS to Participate in Ornithological Study 5 February 2014

Guidelines for Fisheries Liaison Around Offshore Renewables Developments Published 4 February 2014

Germany : BSH: Legal Approval of Offshore Wind Farms 4 February 2014

Seabirds' personalities determine feeding styles 5 February 2014

Wind farms to flash, warning aircraft, only when necessary 10 February 2014

Climate risk from wind farms is minimal, study says 11 February 2014

Are wind farms changing Europe's climate? 11 February 2014

UK radar deal 'could unlock 2.2GW' 12 February 2014

Riffgat munitions row blows up 11 February 2014

Seabirds put paid to London Array Phase 2 20 February 2014

London Array expansion plans scrapped over bird safety concerns 20 February 2014

Weather Risks and the Impact on Renewable Energy Equipment 20 February 2014

Europe's Seas Under Threat 20 February 2014

National Trust wades into Navitus Bay wind farm debate applauding changes but saying more needs to be done 20 February 2014

Birds, Bombs, Sharks Slow Offshore Wind From UK to Germany 20 February 2014

No link between wind farms and health problems, study finds 25 February 2014

Noisy oceans potentially driving whales away from prime habitat 26 February 2014

Offshore wind farms could tame hurricanes before they reach land, study says 26 February 2014

Can UV Light Help Birds to Avoid Wind Turbines? 27 February 2014


Ocean energy project seeks crowdfunding, move to FAU 4 February 2014

Crowd Energy to Build Another Generation Turbine (USA) 6 February 2014

Iberdrola hit in Spain, spends abroad 19 February 2014

Claims that aging wind farms are a bad investment blown away by new research 19 February 2014

Atlantis Resources Secures EC Funding for MeyGen Tidal Energy Project 20 February 2014

Garrad Hassan to Conduct Study for Carbon Trust 21 February 2014

Iberdrola Invests €145 Million in R&D 24 February 2014

Investors cooling on UK 25 February 2014

DECC Funding Secured for Deep Green Tidal Power Plant Development 25 February 2014


Global Offshore Wind 2014 19 February 2014


MEC Patents Wave Catcher Barge 7 February 2014

Measuring wind turbines remotely 10 February 2014

The future of wind turbines? Bizarre-looking funnel produces SIX times more energy than traditional designs 13 February 2014

VIDEO: Voith Turbine Deployed at EMEC’s Tidal Test Site 14 February 2014

Hydraulic seafloor carpet could harness the energy of ocean waves 18 February 2014

SgurrEnergy Launches Galion Toolbox Software 20 February 2014

Eneco Luchterduinen Offshore Wind Farm to Get Innovative Foundation Piles 21 February 2014

Prototype Wave Energy Device Also Produces Fresh Water 24 February 2014

VIDEO: AR1500 Tidal Power Turbine System 26 February 2014

Mojo Maritime to Build Low Motion Floating Platform for LiDAR 27 February 2014

The “Exosuit”: A wearable submarine for visiting deep water 28 February 2014

Marine bioenergy

ABO updates standards for measuring algae industry operations 6 February 2014

Seaweed Could be Next New Biofuel 24 February 2014


First Offshore Wind Farm Proposed For U.S. West Coast Wins Key Approval 5 February 2014

TLP Submits Application for Development Consent Order of Tidal Lagoon Power Plant 7 February 2014

Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan Launched (Ireland) 10 February 2014

MMO Consider Core Grounds Approach for Marine Spatial Planning 11 February 2014

Planning Scotland’s Seas: 2013 - Draft Sectoral Marine Plans for Offshore Renewable Energy in

Scottish Waters - Consultation Responses 18 February 2014

NABU: Violations in Offshore Wind Farm Approvals Revealed (Germany) 24 February 2014


Euro-MPs back binding RE goals 5 February 2014

Renewables Key Element of Northern Ireland’s Energy Mix 6 February 2014

54% carbon cut from EU 2030 plan 17 February 2014

DECC and industry sets out plan to stay ‘world leader’ in offshore wind and boost economy 19 February 2014

France, Germany Join Forces to Push Offshore Wind Energy Forward 20 February 2014

Solo Scotland 'would boost marine' 26 February 2014

Renewable energy

Isle of Man takes next step in becoming a renewable energy hub 3 February 2014

Model T method can drive renewables industry 5 February 2014

Government poll: 77% of Britons support renewable energy 5 February 2014

U.S. Renewable Energy Maintains Growth In 2013 10 February 2014

Offshore windfarms 'wild west' of renewable energy, union warns 14 February 2014

Australia to Review Renewable Energy Target 17 February 2014

Powering the US with Renewables: A State-By-State Roadmap 24 February 2014

Scotland doles out marine cash 26 February 2014

UK marine ‘worth £800m by 2035’ 26 February 2014

Tidal energy

Cranfield Works to Cut Tidal Energy Costs 7 February 2014

UK firm aims to spur marine energy with tidal lagoon project 7 February 2014

Envisioning Swansea energy plant powered by tides in lagoon 9 February 2014

FERC Grants New Permit for 240-MW Alaska Tidal Energy Project 17 February 2014

Island of Yell Gets Tidal Power Generator 25 February 2014

Spotlight on UK tidal resources 26 February 2014

Tidal pontoons: what is stalling commercialisation? 26 February 2014

Perpetuus links with IoW for demo 26 February 2014

Public exhibition will explain more about Tidal Energy Centre 26 February 2014

Scottish Government Funds Research on Turbulence in Tidal Arrays 27 February 2014

Antrim coastal scheme could power 75,000 homes 27 February 2014

Wave energy

Carnegie kicks off Oz build 3 February 2014

WaveRoller Brings Wave Power Industry Closer to Commercialization 5 February 2014

A&P Falmouth Bags Wave Energy Contract 5 February 2014

DNV GL Verifies WaveRoller’s Performance 5 February 2014

Testing of R115 Wave Energy System Enters Second Phase 5 February 2014

A&P to Build Seatricity’s Wave Energy Device 5 February 2014

Carnegie Announces Successful UK Funding Applications for Development of CETO Projects 6 February 2014

Making waves with Manx offshore power 9 February 2014

Lockheed Martin, Victorian Wave Partners Team Up for World’s Largest Wave Energy Project 12 February 2014

Carnegie Updates on Wave-Powered Desalination Plant 12 February 2014

Performance verification for Wave Roller 13 February 2014

Tenerife Island Council Collaborates with Langlee on Wave Energy Plants 20 February 2014

FaBTest Experiences Largest Waves Recorded Since 2012 24 February 2014

Finnish Company to Develop Wave Technology in UK 24 February 2014

Pelamis Completes Testing of Its Wave Energy Converter in Plymouth 25 February 2014

TÜV SÜD PMSS Stresses Importance of Phased Approach to Wave and Tidal 26 February 2014

Wind energy

Meet The New World's Biggest Wind Turbine 4 February 2014

US clears 30MW Oregon floater 5 February 2014

Navitus Bay scales back proposed wind park in response to community feedback 6 February 2014

UK offshore wind supply chain: capabilities and opportunities 6 February 2014

Insight into Offshore Wind Industry in China 12 February 2014

RenewableUK hails radar deal as significant step forward for wind energy 12 February 2014

Vestas’s Biggest Turbine Picked by Dong for UK Offshore Farm 18 February 2014

German roots for Areva prototype 19 February 2014

Development of London Array Phase 2 Terminated 19 February 2014

Forewind Cuts Dogger Bank Zone Offshore Wind Plans 19 February 2014

RenewableUK Disappointed with Recent Offshore Wind Setbacks 19 February 2014

Wind power saves Ireland €1bn in fossil fuel imports over five years 20 February 2014

ECN: North Sea Transnational Grid Needed for Large Scale OW Integration 20 February 2014

Ofgem to Link Offshore Wind to U.K Grid 26 February 2014

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, drones and robots

Fullscale Production of Kongsberg Seaglider Begins 11 February 2014

Amazon electric fish inspire underwater robotics 15 February 2014

Small Unmanned Boat 'Pioneer' Makes NjordWorks Debut 19 February 2014

EdgeTech System for Polish Defense AUVs 20 February 2014