Offshore renewable news for January 2014

EU urged to set 2030 renewable energy target, minister announces new INFOMAR projects and tiny bats have big impact on windfarm....the offshore renewable related news for January 2014. Organised into the news catagories...

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Company News

Geosea secures offshore wind contracts 2 January 2014

New advisory group to support Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project 8 January 2014

Norfolk Celebrates Statkraft’s Becoming Operator of Sheringham Shoal OWF 13 January 2014

Statoil Awards Siemens Wind Farm Service Contracts 14 January 2014

Contracts awarded for Kentish Flats extension 15 January 2014

SEACAMS is what’s app in Welsh waters 15 January 2014

Offshore shrinks in RWE rejig 17 January 2014

Subsidiary of energy giant RWE Npower to cut renewables investment 17 January 2014

Areva, Gamesa hitch wagons 17 January 2014

Major Offshore Wind Turbine Manufacturers Form Joint Venture 20 January 2014

Coastline Surveys in liquidation 23 January 2014

€57m for Le Havre offshore rejig 23 January 2014

SSE thinks again offshore 23 January 2014

SSE Reviews Offshore Wind Investments After U.K. Decision 23 January 2014

London Array Wind Farm the Highlight of ‘Exceptional Year’ for Masdar 24 January 2014

Inovo open for business 27 January 2014

Wind Energy Joint Ventures: A Sign of the Times? 27 January 2014

Fugro scores UK offshore brace 30 January 2014


Minister Announces New INFOMAR Projects 1 January 2014

DNV to Study Offshore Wind Gravity Base Structures 6 January 2014

Survey Underway at Neart na Gaoithe Offshore Wind Farm 6 January 2014

Eneco, RWE buoy hits the waves 13 January 2014

Mainstream Deploys Floating LiDAR off Blyth 14 January 2014

LiDAR Mapping Forum Showcases Everything About Bathymetric Models 14 January 2014

LiDAR Ordered for Wind Farm Development 17 January 2014

Slowing of Atlantic currents could bring changes in Europe's climate 21 January 2014

ABPmer to Scope HRA for South Marine Plans 21 January 2014

MoU for renewable energy research 23 January 2014

Swansea tests 2D vision 24 January 2014

Duo wraps up IoW acoustic gig 27 January 2014

Atlas of UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources User Survey 27 January 2014

Floating Renewables Exploration Platform Launched 27 January 2014

Catapult launches Sparta attack 29 January 2014

Energy Storage

Organic Mega Flow Battery Promises Breakthrough for Renewable Energy 8 January 2014

Cheap battery stores energy for a rainy day 8 January 2014

Harvard energy storage battery could play ‘huge role’ in renewables transition 10 January 2014

Energy Storage in Miniaturized Capacitors May Boost Green Energy Technology 17 January 2014

NY State Working to Catch Up with CA's Energy Storage Requirements 22 January 2014

Energy Storage Roundup: Xtreme Power, Rhubarb, Compressed Air, DOE's Grid-Scale Push 24 January 2014

Bill Gates-backed renewables storage battery begins production 24 January 2014

Environmental Impact

Germany: Environmental Monitoring at Riffgat OWF 6 January 2014

Offshore Wind : GDF SUEZ, EDP Renewables, Neoen Marine and AREVA Underline Commitmentswith Local Stakeholders 9 January 2014

Frequency of ship engine noise 'almost the same' as that of whale calls 18 January 2014

Cranfield joint research to inform EU policy on marine renewable energy 20 January 2014

Tiny Bat ‒ Big Impact on Offshore Wind Farms 21 January 2014

Kilkeel Fishermen Make Money on Offshore Energy Industry 22 January 2014

Wadden Sea islands oppose offshore wind farm plan 24 January 2014


The European Commission’s Horizon 2020 work programme has been published. 16 January 2014

Electricity Market Reform: Allocation of Contracts for Difference. 16 January 2014

Germany eyes swift cuts in renewable energy subsidies 19 January 2014

Germany Energy Minister Proposes Cuts to Renewable Subsidies, Industry Reacts 20 January 2014

Renewable Projects Strong Enough to Attract Investment, Says IRENA 21 January 2014

£535k boost for south-west marine 23 January 2014

Cornwall and Plymouth investing in their marine renewables future 23 January 2014

‘Cash hiatus’ for Scottish offshore 27 January 2014

£10 million boost for SME energy innovation 28 January 2014

Dong all clear on €1.44bn bankroll 30 January 2014


The Renewable Power Dilemma. Making Elecricity Grids fit for wind and solar power 8 January 2014

5th Annual Marine Energy Pembrokeshire Industry Seminar 9 January 2014

East Anglia: More top names lined up for EEEGR’s SNS2014 conference and exhibition 12 January 2014

Free online registration opens for All-Energy 2014 22 January 2014


Fraunhofer IWES develops test stand for rotor blade coatings 6 January 2014

Researchers, wind energy companies seek more bird-friendly turbines 7 January 2014

Trident Energy releases White Paper on auxiliary power for offshore wind farms 7 January 2014

Marine Fouling: Surface Texture Investigations May Provide Solution 8 January 2014

Fugro’s Offshore Wind Farm Drill Ready 9 January 2014

Nass&Wind floats fresh concept 15 January 2014

Gicon floater passes tank tests 20 January 2014

Testing of new marine energy device begins (WITT) 23 January 2014

Getting a charge from changes in humidity 27 January 2014

Iberdrola Ingeniería Launch Offshore Wind Substation R&D Project 26 January 2014

Vestas' 8 MW Offshore Wind Prototype Comes Alive 28 January 2014

DONG Energy and Carbon Trust team up to cut the costs of offshore wind 28 January 2014

Seafloor carpet catches waves to generate energy 29 January 2014

Wave power technology crests economical limits 30 January 2014

Marine bioenergy

EU proposal sets renewable energy targets, ignores biofuels 22 January 2014

Biofuel from desert plants grown with seawater 22 January 2014


Triton Knoll wind farm: Plans revised 6 January 2014

Coastal Zone Management: ABA Publish New Book 16 January 2014

English Channel collaboration project 21 January 2014

Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm Project One First Written Response20 January 2014


UK opposition to new EU green energy targets could risk 'half a million jobs' 2 January 2014

EU urged to set 2030 renewable energy target by ministers 7 January 2014

EU committees vote ‘yes’ to renewables target, but Commission wavers 9 January 2014

Conflict over EU 2030 renewable target remains 13 January 2014

Marine ‘first in line’ for EMR cash 17 January 2014

Brussels talks up marine power 20 January 2014

EU outlines 2030 climate goals 22 January 2014

The EU Commission presents the 2030 framework for climate and energy 22 January 2014

Government response to the European Commission 2030 White Paper on climate change 22 January 2014

EU 2030 energy and climate targets: the reaction 22 January 2014

Response to the European Commission 2030 White Paper on climate change - Government response 22 January 2014

EU outlines 2030 climate goals 22 January 2014

Renewable energy

Renewable energy Rueing the Waves 4 January 2014

EU ENERGY, TRANSPORT AND GHG EMISSIONS Trends to 2050 8 January 2014

Norway to Scotland renewable energy talks 10 January 2014

£2m marine energy centre to be created in Dundee 13 January 2014

BP Energy Outlook 2035 Shows Global Energy Demand Growth Slowing, Despite Increases Driven by Emerging Economies 15 January 2014

The myth of renewable energy ‘intermittency’ 18 January 2014

Ocean energy sector receives boost 20 January 2014

European Commission sets EU binding renewable energy target for 2030 - RenewablesUK comment 22 January 2014

EU launches initiative to increase the use of renewable energy in datacentres 22 January 2014

Could The Global Share Of Renewable Energy Double? 23 January 2014

Renewables Roadmap reflects progress 24 January 2014

Tidal energy

Scottish Enterprise opens tidal cable competition 5 January 2014

Re-evaluating the energy gains from tidal power 10 January 2014

Long-term policies and PPA conditions at heart of tidal sector success 15 January 2014

Island channel could power about half of Scotland, studies show 19 January 2014

Alstom quits tidal project 20 January 2014

Meeting planned on Scott’s Bay tidal development Nova Scotia 22 January 2014

Nova Scotia sets new rules for Fundy turbine tests 21 January 2014

Wave energy

Ocean's Hidden Waves Show Their Power: Origins of Giant Underwater Waves Explained 8 January 2014

OPT announces funding agreement with Australian Government for A$66.5 million grant14 January 2014

Long-term policies and PPA conditions at heart of tidal sector success 15 January 2014

Long a Mystery, How 500-Meter-High Undersea Waves Form Is Revealed 15 January 2014

OPI targets summer plunge 29 January 2014

Carnegie Wave identifies four new sites 31 January 2014

Wind energy

UK wind finishes 2013 on high 2 January 2014

Record Breaking month (December 2013) for wind energy 2 January 2014

Maine clears 12MW offshore demo 14 January 2014

EDF powers down Teesside OWF 14 January 2014

Triple time for V164 blades 14 January 2014

Another windfarm for the North Sea 16 January 2014

Maine floater weathers icy gales 21 January 2014

China’s Wind Power Sector Foresees a Recovery in 2014 21 January 2014

Wind Power Was Spain's Primary Source Of Electricity In 2013 22 January 2014

€57m for Le Havre offshore rejig 23 January 2014

SSE threat to pull out of off-shore energy projects could kill sea wind bonanza 24 January 2014

EU to help India venture offshore 27 January 2014

Euro offshore ‘decline from 2016′ 28 January 2014

Record Offshore Wind Figures Conceal Slow-down in New Projects 29 January 2014

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, drones and robots

Sea drones expected in UAE soon 4 January 2014

University Selects Iver AUV Baltic Sea Research 27 January 2014

Bio robots make a splash in the Indian Ocean 29 January 2014