Offshore renewable news for July 2014

Wave hub head up collaborative Pembrokeshire wave test zone, a new EMEC Orkney site and funding awarded to Scottish led wave, tidal energy research project Ecowatt2050. The offshore renewable related news for July 2014. Organised into the news categories...
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Company News
Carnegie Gets $11 Mln Government Boost (AUS)    1 July 2014
Norwegian energy groups to build new British wind farm    1 July 2014
Gamesa, Areva Form Offshore Wind Joint Venture    7 July 2014
Comer Industries to Take Part in WindEnergy Hamburg    7 July 2014
Swansea-Based Company Raises GBP 1 Mln for Wave Device Development    8 July 2014
EMEC to take on new Orkney site    8 July 2014
Cromarty Selected as Home Port for Two Offshore Wind Projects    10 July 2014
South West and Pembrokeshire renewables partnership    11 July 2014
UK Green Investment Bank hires two offshore wind directors    26 July 2014
Siemens Wins 144 MW Order For Dutch Near-Shore Wind Farm    28 July 2014
Wave Energy Converter SIMulator Released    2 July 2014
Pelamis Features Live Farr Point Wave Measurements    3 July 2014
Coastal winds intensifying with climate change, study says    4 July 2014
USA: ‘Inez Eymard’ Research Vessel to Collect Data for Offshore Wind Turbines    11 July 2014
SgurrEnergy Kicks Off Wave and Tidal Research Project in UK    15 July 2014
VIDEO: FORCE Measuring Turbulence Throughout Water Column    18 July 2014
GIA Initiates Wind Power Market Research Program    21 July 2014
Partrac Finishes Turbulence Survey for TiME Project    22 July 2014
SmartBuoy Deployed at National Test and Demonstration Site – Galway    22 July 2014
CSIRO project to map Australia’s wave energy    23 July 2014
Horizon Performing Navitus Bay Site Investigation     23 July 2014 
Carnegie Takes Part in EUR 0.91 Mln Wave Energy Study    23 July 2014
US stocks offshore library    28 July 2014
Energy Storage
DNV GL takes lead on storage project    1 July 2014
Hydrogen Energy Storage: A New Solution To the Renewable Energy Intermittency Problem    16 July 2014
Improving the cost and efficiency of renewable energy storage    17 July 2014
The Story Is Storage    18 July 2014
Keeping Up with Energy Storage    22 July 2014
Ontario Grid Operator Announces Energy Storage Projects    25 July 2014
'Holy grail' of battery design achieved: Stable lithium anode    27 July 2014   
Environmental Impact
US plans offshore wind survey    3 July 2014
ABPmer Conducts Environmental Appraisal for Crown Estate    9 July 2014
RYA Opposes Strangford Lough Tidal Project    10 July 2014
APEM Backs East Anglia ONE with Bird Surveys    10 July 2014
DEA Extends Noise Modelling Report for Horns Rev 3    10 July 2014
FWS Issues Landmark Eagle Take Permit: What Does It Mean For Wind Projects?    10 July 2014
Scottish Wave, Tidal Research Project Gets GBP 1 Mln    16 July 2014
Seals forage at offshore wind farms    21 July 2014
Stakeholders Raise Concern over Swansea Tidal Lagoon    23 July 2014
Noise pollution impacts fish species differently    24 July 2014
The offshore renewables/fisheries interaction    25 July 2014
Ocean Energy Europe 2014 Paris 01/02 October 2014    29 July 2014
OCEANERA-NET Goes Online    1 July 2014
Renewables to Receive Lion's Share of $7.7 Trillion in Global Power Funding    1July 2014
Company behind tidal barrage project in the Severn Estuary closing in on £200m investment    4 July 2014
Insurers to protect renewable energy investors as states roll back support    7 July 2014
World Bank to invest $775m in India’s renewable energy    7 July 2014
Renewable energy investment at five-quarter high, says new data    8 July 2014
Ocean Energy Europe Calls for New EU Renewable Energy Funding    8 July 2014
EU Funds Two Spanish Floating Offshore Wind Projects with EUR 67.4 Mln    9 July 2014
Scotland to Fund Offshore Wind Cost-Cutting Project with GBP 2.2 Mln    14 July 2014
Wave, tidal worth $10.1bn in 2020    14 July 2014
Global Clean Energy Investment Surges With Help From Massive Offshore Wind Deal    15 July 2014
Carbon Trust OWA Awards Contracts to Three Cable Manufacturers    15 July 2014
DECC hails £50bn green bonanza    17 July 2014
Renewables benefit from massive EU funding    18 July 2014
Foreign investment in UK renewable energy projects on the rise    21 July 2014
U.K. Announces $340 Million Renewable Power Contract Auction    24 July 2014
Don’t write off renewable subsidies just yet    29 July 2014
Trillion Fund’s 7.5% return on wind turbine investment set to close    29 July 2014
VIDEO: UPC Tests Wind Turbine Floating Platform    4 July 2014
TAS put to the test    7 July 2014
What’s New In Wind Technology?    10 July 2014
Belgian Scientists Make Offshore Renewables Smart with Nanotechnology    10 July 2014
MHI Vestas Planning 10 MW Turbine?    11 July 2014
Seaway installs SylWin Alpha    14 July 2014
Wind Energy Innovation: Vortex Generators    24 July 2014
Gicon floating foundation construction underway    24 July 2014
French Consortium Seeks Vertiwind Platform Design    25 July 2014
First 2MW Vertiwind vertical-axis prototype built    28 July 2014
Gallery: OWPST Titan floating platform concept    25 July 2014
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
Funding Nemo    7 July 2014
Mixed Feelings over Navitus Bay Project    4 July 2014
VIDEO: Marine Planning in Wales    7 July 2014
Swansea Councillors Had Their Say on Tidal Lagoon Project    7 July 2014
Crown unlocks wave, tidal zones    8 July 2014
Crown Estate to Revise Round 3    8 July 2014
Parliament Holds Able Marine Energy Park Preliminary Hearing    10 July 2014
Govt to Make Decision on Rampion this Week    15 July 2014
Isle of Wight Council Officers Ask for More Info on Navitus Bay    16 July 2014
UK Approves Rampion Offshore Wind Farm    16 July 2014
Wirral Could Cash In £250K Yearly from Wind Farm Expansion    21 July 2014
EOWDC Onshore Work Wind Planning Permission    23 July 2014
Isle of Wight Council: No Objection to Navitus Bay Proposal    23 July 2014
Scotland Announces Designation of 30 Marine Protected Areas    24 July 2014
Bournemouth Council Opposes Offshore Wind Farm    24 July 2014
UK Plans to Procure 53.3 GW    1 July 2014
End fossil fuel subsidies and increase green investment portfolios, says French minister    8 July 2014
EU Renewables Targets Significantly Influencing UK Government’s Energy Policies, Says GlobalData    8 July 2014
National Grid: UK can meet climate and renewable energy targets with the right policies    10 July 2014
Politicians risking much-needed renewable energy investment, says CBI    17 July 2014
Renewable energy
Renewable Energy Drives Growth, Report Says    1 July 2014
South West and Pembrokeshire forge marine partnership    2 July 2014
India plans to build ‘world’s largest’ floating solar power plant    4 July 2014
‘Financial innovation’ critical to renewable energy’s success – ex-minister Greg Barker    17 July 2014
Overcoming Hurdles To Use More Renewable Energy    18 July 2014
Global renewable energy investment up 33% in second quarter of 2014    18 July 2014
Renewables Make Up Over 50% Of New U.S. Power In First Half Of 2014    22 July 2014
Renewable energy is ready to supply all of Australia's electricity    22 July 2014
Introducing: The Guide to Sustainable Clean Energy 2014    23 July 2014
Tidal energy
SCHOTTEL Tidal Generators Powering Renewable Industry     1 July 2014
Atlantis Expects Financial Closure of MeyGen Project    7 July 2014
Crown Sets Tidal Range Leasing for Late Summer    8 July 2014
Schottel tidal generators    8 July 2014
Tidal Lagoons May Add $46 Billion to U.K. Economy, Report Shows    16 July 2014
RenewableUK Comments on Tidal Lagoon Research    16 July 2014
Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon Project Raises Concerns    23 July 2014
Atlantis turbines pick and mix    25 July 2014
 Wave energy
Iberdrola and Oceantec Test Wave Energy Converter    1 July 2014
'Oceanus 2' completed    3 July 2014
Sweden: Fortum, Seabased Kick Off Wave Energy Park Setup    4 July 2014
Wave Hub head up collaborative approach to manage Pembrokeshire Wave Demonstration Zone    8 July 2014
Clare County Council Hails EU Boost for WestWave Project    15 July 2014
OPT Terminates Wave Energy Project in Australia    15 July 2014
AWS-III Wave Power Generator Successfully Tested    22 July 2014
US Navy Invests in Wave Energy Test Site Off Marine Corps Base Hawaii    22 July 2014
VIDEO: Carnegie Harness Power of Waves    29 July 2014
Wind energy      
Japanese SoftBank Confirms Building of 100MW Ibaraki Offshore Wind Farm    1 July 2014
Wind Turbine O&M Market to Double by 2020    3 July 2014
Maryland To Auction Two Lease Areas For Offshore Wind Development    3 July 2014
Better Cooperation across Industry to Help Reduce Offshore Wind Costs    4 July 2014
North Hoyle wind farm celebrates 10 years    7 July 2014
Siemens to Revolutionize Offshore Wind Turbine Service    9 July 2014
Floating Wind Energy Cost Could Fall below £85/MWh by 2020s    10 July 2014
US Must Act Now on Offshore Wind to Advance Industry, Revitalize Communities    11 July 2014
US Report: Atlantic Offshore Wind Power Is 'Within Reach'    11 July 2014
Statkraft to Test 8MW Offshore Wind Turbine on Smøla, Norway    11 July 2014
EWEA alert on offshore slowdown    14 July 2014
4.9 GW of New Offshore Wind Capacity Under Construction in Europe    15 July 2014
Irish wind blows towards 50%    16 July 2014
China Three Years Late on Installing Offshore Wind Farms    17 July 2014
Work begins on Dudgeon offshore windfarm    18 July 2014
Siemens Erects Fourth Substation in North Sea    21 July 2014
Harnessing the Wind for Auxiliary Propulsion    22 July 2014
Wind to Supply More than 7% of World Electricity Demand by 2018    22 July 2014
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, drones and robots
NOC Welcomes New RAS Approach    4 July 2014
Leidos Constructing AUV Anti-Submarine Warfare Tracker    7 July 2014
Innovatum Adds Saab’s ROV to Its Fleet    7 July 2014
SubSea Engineering Acquires Hyper-Sub Assets    10 July 2014
Industry ponders best use of ROVs    10 July 2014
Another Cougar for wind power    15 July 2014
Military ramps up use of underwater drones. What do they do?    16 July 2014
NOC in Cutting Edge Marine Research    28 July 2014