Offshore renewable news for June 2014

NOC purchase of Ocean Robot Boats, Sheltland Tidal array gets 3.7Mln and UK energy stats published....the offshore renewable related news for June 2014. Organised into the news categories...
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Company News
 Perpetuwave Power Gets UK Grant for ‘Wave Harvester’ Technology    4 June 2014
Gray Fabrication to Build Floating Hull for Scotrenewables’ Tidal Turbine    11 June 2014
Greenore company to supply tidal turbines to tidal ‘pilot farm’ in Britanny    16 June 2014
A&P Falmouth Involved in Three Renewable Projects    20 June 2014
Seatricity to Set Up First Device on Hayle Wave Hub    20 June 2014
Minesto Signs MoU with Florida Atlantic University    23 June 2014
Samsung silent on offshore future    24 June 2014
Samsung Keeps Offshore Wind Activities    25 June 2014
Local firm powers ahead with turbine project    27 June 2014
Spectacular wave tank opens in Edinburgh    5 June 2014
Calegeo to Perform Survey Work for Moray OWF    6 June 2014
US storm chasers on a mission    11 June 2014
Wind power infographic    25 June 2014
UK energy statistics: statistical press release - June 2014    26 June 2014
Renewables Provide 14 Percent of Electrical Generation During First Third of 2014    26 June 2014
RenewableUK: DECC’s Statistics Prove the Case for Wind Power    26 June 2014
The Crown Estate: Landmark Year for Offshore Wind Industry    26 June 2014
DECC Seeks Contractor to Work on UK’s Renewable Energy Statistics    27 June 2014
Energy Storage
The Wide Appeal of Batteries for the Renewable Energy Market    5 June 2014
New Supercapacitor Could Make Structural Energy Storage A Reality    10 June 2014
Sitting at the Tip of the Iceberg: The Huge Potential of Energy Storage    18 June 2014
Energy Storage: A Different View from Germany    19 June 2014
Environmental Impact
Wind turbine payback: Environmental lifecycle assessment of 2-megawatt wind turbines    16 June 2014
Tourism, visuals top Navitus fears    20 June 2014
US sued over eagle kill permits    20 June 2014
APEM Evaluates Sensitivity of Marine Wildlife    24 June 2014
Scientists Carry Out Ocean Floor Mapping for OW Development in North Carolina    26 June 2014
Sound effects: the impact of marine renewables    27 June 2014
U.S. Government To Issue First-Ever Eagle Take Permit To California Wind Farm    27 June 2014
USD 48 Tln Investment Needed by 2035, Says Report    3 June 2014
EU boost for Welsh offshore energy    11 June 2014
Welsh Wave company receives funding boost    12 June 2014
Shetland Tidal Array Gets GBP 3.7 Mln    16 June 2014
MCT loses vital Skerries cash    18 June 2014
Cash boost for offshore wind    24 June 2014
The Crown Estate: Investment in Scottish Offshore Renewables Rises    26 June 2014
M3Wave Closer to Deploying DMP    2 June 2014
Offshore floating nuclear plant group to crowdsource ideas for new reactor design    3 June 2014
ESL: Wave Energy to Power Sensor Buoys    4 June 2014
WaveSub on target to SCORE    5 June 2014
Sopcawind, a multidisciplinary tool for designing wind farms    10 June 2014
North Sea giants host bucket trials    11 June 2014
'Carpets' and 'pillows': 2 new wave energy projects planned for Oregon    10 June 2014
MPM Applies for Wave Paddle Planning Permission    16 June 2014
First Subsea to Introduce New Hang Off Connector for Offshore Wind Turbines    16 June 2014
CorPower ‘Pumps’ Electricity from Sea Waves    17 June 2014
IHC Merwede Introduces World’s First Four-Tracked Subsea Trencher    18 June 2014
First OK for New Lightweight Gravity Foundation    23 June 2014
Innovative pendulum-dynamo for converting tidal energy into electrical power    25 June 2014
UK’s Southern Businesses Invited to Invest in Marine Renewable Energy    26 June 2014
Dorset County Council Opposes to Navitus Bay Offshore Wind Project    5 June 2014
Navitus summons silent majority    5 June 2014
Maritime Spatial Planning: Supporting the Economy and Preserving the Environment    5 June 2014
Government gives go-ahead for giant offshore wind farm    18 June 2014
Bond Dickinson’s Lawyers Secure Consent for East Anglia OWF    23 June 2014
Bournemouth Submits Navitus Bay Concerns    23 June 2014
Planning Consent for Tidal Device Off Mull of Kintyre Approved    25 June 2014
Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Examination Open until December    26 June 2014
Planning Inspectorate Submits Recommendations for Burbo Bank Extension    27 June 2014
Planning Inspectorate Crowded with Navitus Bay Representations    27 June 2014
US to seek 30-percent emissions cut    2 June 2014
RenewableUK - EY survey highlights damage inflicted by Government on onshore wind industry investment    2 June 2014
AWEA: EPA Rules Could Be Third Biggest Driver For Wind Behind PTC And RPS Policies    2 June 2014
Renewables investors scared off by ‘tinkering’ politicians    3 June 2014
EU brains mull marine strategy    11 June 2014
VIDEO: Update on UK’s Offshore Wind Industrial Strategy    16 June 2014
Wind Farms, Power Grids Pose Political Risks for EU Insurers    16 June 2014
Minister launches Green Growth Wales: Investing in the Future and highlights marine potential    23 June 2014
RenewableUK Publishes Manifesto ahead of UK’s 2015 General Election    26 June 2014
Renewable energy  
Emerging markets driving growth    3 June 2014
IRENA: renewables key to delivering cheaper energy    5 June 2014
EU Will be Forced To Curtail Renewable Energy Generation this Summer    6 June 2014
Scottish islands renewables – a special case for support    9 June 2014
Report reviews estimates of costs and benefits of compliance with renewable portfolio standards    10 June 2014
Europe’s Wave and Tidal Sector Require Action from EU, SI Ocean Says    10 June 2014
Offshore wind farm is largest ever renewable energy project in England and Wales to gain planning consent    17 June 2014
France sets 2030 RE targets    18 June 2014
Wales Pushes for Renewables    23 June 2014
One-fifth of UK’s electricity now comes from renewables    27 June 2014
Tidal energy
Atlantis limbers up at MeyGen    2 June 2014
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to Support Florida Atlantic University ( FAU)  Hydrokinetic Project Off Florida    3 June 2014
OpenHydro to Provide Two Tidal Turbines for Paimpol-Bréhat (France)    4 June 2014
BOEM grants lease for Gulf Stream tidal turbine tests    9 June 2014
DP Energy unveils north coast tidal energy plans    11 June 2014
National Renewable Energy Centre tests boost tidal technology    12 June 2014
Plans Unveiled for Northern Ireland Tidal Energy Project    12 June 2014
There Is One Problem With Harnessing Britain's Tides    14 June 2014
Tide Can Bring Vast Business Opportunities to Ballycastle (NI)    18 June 2014
Severn Estuary Could Accommodate Tidal Lagoon Instead of Barrage    18 June 2014
VIDEO: NWBLT Present Tidal Power Model    19 June 2014
Nauticity, Fundy Tidal to Develop Petit Passage Tidal Project    25 June 2014
 Wave energy
Pelamis P2 Wave Machines Reach 10,000 Hours of Grid-Connected Operation    5 June 2014
Energy Harnessed From Waves Could be on the Horizon    7 June 2014
Oregon to host wave energy carpet project with unobtrusive technology    9 June 2014
Gibraltar Signs Wave Energy Deal    12 June 2014
Sweden, Ghana to Develop 1GW Wave Energy Project    23 June 2014
Oceanus 2 heads to Wave Hub     25 June 2014
Wind energy      
Vattenfall makeover at Klim    2 June 2014
UK Government Driving Down Costs of Offshore Wind Power    10 June 2014
Global Wind Power Capacity To More Than Double By 2020    10 June 2014
UK offshore 'to treble by end-2020'    11 June 2014
Fukushima Experimental Offshore Floating Wind Farm Project Progresses    11 June 2014
European Wind Repowering Continues to Gather Pace    11 June 2014
Dutch offshore wind enters the premier league    11 June 2014
Offshore Wind to Meet 10 Pct of UK Electricity Demand by 2020    11 June 2014
Major step for US offshore wind energy    16 June 2014
US  triggers an offshore wind lease sale for 5GW site on Massachusetts’ outer continental shelf.    18 June 2014
  Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, drones and robots
Overcoming barriers to successful use of autonomous unmanned aircraft    5 June 2014
New generation of aerial robots for high-risk service tasks    12 June 2014
Two Ocean Robot Boats Showcased at NOC    12 June 2014
Tenders for Provision of Underwater and Surface Gliders Announced (UK)    27 June 2014