Offshore renewable news for March 2014

Research shows windfarms do not affect house prices, 63% of MP's behind renewables and MIT's speedy, squishy fishbot....the offshore renewable related news for March 2014. Organised into the news catagories...

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Company News

Case study: Irish firm ready to corner the world turbine market 10 March 2014

Top 15 Wind Turbine Suppliers Of 2013 Revealed 11 March 2014

Spanish Companies Conclude Research To Help Create 15 MW Wind Turbine 13 March 2014

AREVA, Schneider Electric Join Forces To Develop Offshore Wind In France 13 March 2014

Wave Hub welcomes Nordic utilities giant 18 March 2014

BP Scraps Renewable Energy Goal After Investing $8.3 Billion 20 March 2014

Enercon freezes spend on EEG fears 20 March 2014

Carnegie unwraps 1MW Ceto 6 21 March 2014

Siemens commits to UK factory 24 March 2014

Moray had Natural Power 27 March 2014



Renewable energy developer purchases iPad app that ‘visualises’ wind farms 5 March 2014

Interactive Map of Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon Photomontages Released 5 March 2014

US Navy transitions global ocean forecast system for public use 5 March 2014

ABPmer to Map UK Shipping Density and Routes 13 March 2014

EMEC shares subsea cabling nous 19 March 2014

EDP taps Axys for floating wind role 21 March 2014

Pioneering research offers new insight into improved wave energy testing 24 March 2014

Offshore bomb guidance on way 24 March 2014

Ocean Energy Systems Presents GIS Mapping Application 28 March 2014


Energy Storage

Maritime Battery Forum in the Works 4 March 2014

Pumped hydro offers storage solution for renewables 18 March 2014

GE inks liquid-air storage pact 18 March 2014

The Hunt Is On for Next-Generation Battery Storage Technology 18 March 2014

Spurred by Japan, Steady Growth Predicted for Energy Storage Market 19 March 2014

Energy Storage Offers Tailored Grid Solutions, But at What Cost? 19 March 2014

Wind farms can provide society a surplus of reliable clean energy, study finds 20 March 2014

ESL’s Ocean Energy Power Systems Provide Alternatives to Batteries, Solar Power 26 March 2014


Environmental Impact

MMO Examines Westermost Rough OWF’s Noise Issues 3 March 2014

Ship noise changes fish behaviour 3 March 2014

GICON Launches Digital Aerial Imagery System for OWFs 12 March 2014

Wight tidal energy scheme will 'ruin fishing industry' 12 March 2014

Westermost Rough OWF’s Noise to Be Monitored from Homes 13 March 2014

US BOEM reviews 12MW offshore pilot 13 March 2014

Carbon Trust & DONG Energy trial first noise-free offshore wind farm 14 March 2014

Wind farm expansion could endanger aircraft as turbines interfere with radar signals 15 March 2014

Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre Plans Concern Local Fishermen 17 March 2014

RSPB cries foul in Moray Firth 20 March 2014

Australia medical body clears wind 20 March 2014

New research shows wind farms do not affect house prices 29 March 2014



Marine Renewables Commercialization Project Funded 5 March 2014

Funding for marine renewables 17 March 2014

USA: DOE Funds Advanced Wave and Tidal Energy Technologies 11 March 2014

'Global impact' of Norway RE move 13 March 2014

Offshore renewable energy set to drive UK economic growth, but by how much? 13 March 2014

UK Pushes for More Foreign Investment in Its Offshore Wind Sector 14 March 2014

Offshore wind industry given helping hand to lower costs 18 March 2014

Wind Energy Investment: Where Should the Effort Go? 18 March 2014

TenneT puts €1.33bn into offshore 19 March 2014

David Cameron: Green Port Hull Investment Strengthens UK’s Economy 25 March 2014

DONG Energy: Siemens’ Decision Could Encourage Others to Invest in UK 25 March 2014

SSE sounds offshore wind retreat 26 March 2014

RWE 'taking stock' at Galloper 26 March 2014

Crowdfunding Renewable Energy on Kickstarter 26 March 2014



300 Exhibitors to Show Up at WINDFORCE 2014 (VIDEO) 4 March 2014

WINDFORCE Conference Presents Latest Offshore Wind Developments 28 March 2014



A new renewable energy source? Device captures energy from Earth's infrared emissions to outer space 3 March 2014

Germany No1 for offshore patents 5 March 2014

Oceanflow Receives REIF Funding for Evopod 6 March 2014

Making it easier to plan offshore wind farms 10 March 2014

New Material Protects Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations, Cables - Marine Technology News 11 March 2014

LM Wind Power Works To Create Flexible Blade Concept 11 March 2014

US finds $10m for wave power R&D 14 March 2014

Car tyres protecting turbines from scour 17 March 2014

A better water wing to harvest tidal energy 18 March 2014

Shape-Changing Wing Flap Reduces Drag and Noise 20 March 2014

Buoyant Airborne Turbine to harness winds in Alaska 26 March 2014

New magnetic materials for extracting energy from tides 26 March 2014

UC3M (Spain) Scientists Work on New Tidal Energy Generator Project 27 March 2014

Altaeros wind blimp nears take-off 27 March 2014



Green light for Scottish giants 19 March 2014

Pelamis Wave Power to Discuss Wave Farm at Farr Point Sutherland with Local Residents 20 March 2014

Scottish Fishermen Want to Be Involved in OWF Planning 20 March 2014

Celtic Array Launches Consultations for Rhiannon OWF 21 March 2014

New Wind Farms Need to Keep Fisheries Sector Consulted 25 March 2014

Teesside A&B wind farm under scrutiny 28 March 2014


EU urged to adopt ‘renewables-first approach’ to policymaking 3 March 2014

GCube Offers Political Risk Insurance Services for Renewables 13 March 2014

Osborne freezes carbon price floor 19 March 2014

RenewableUK - Chancellor's Budget is a "missed opportunity" 19 March 2014

European Politicians Urge EU Commission to Set 100 Pct Renewables Target 21 March 2014

EU leaders delay 2030 energy verdict 21 March 2014

Davey: offshore policy 'working' 25 March 2014

Offshore exit ‘wake up call’ for government 26 March 2014

WAB: Siemens’ Decision to Invest in UK Result of German Policy Uncertainty 26 March 2014

RenewableUK: Government Needs to Provide Greater Confidence 26 March 2014

EU policy ‘key to marine success’ 27 March 2014


Renewable energy

UK and EU need massive renewables pushes to meet 2030 carbon targets 2 March 2014

Africa Takes First Steps Towards Renewables Revolution 3 March 2014

Too much torque and not enough action - International Water Power 5 March 2014

63% of MPs behind renewables 5 March 2014

Outlook for EU ocean energy forum 10 March 2014

Expert view Ireland: Great rewards if we tap into this resource 10 March 2014

Offshore Renewables Could Bring GBP 6.7 Bln to UK Economy 13 March 2014

Natural England and RenewableUK hold first ever joint Offshore Wind Industry Seminar 18 March 2014

Renewables firms face a ‘cliff edge’ after 2019 19 March 2014

RE groups plea for 2030 EU targets 19 March 2014

Managing renewables intelligently 25 March 2014

Renewable Energy Trends Illuminated in Clean Edge’s Market Report 26 March 2014

Wave, Tidal Progress Proportional to Political Will 27 March 2014

Record-breaking wind energy leads to decrease in coal and gas production 27 March 2014

Renewable electricity share at 15% in 2013 as UK emissions fall 2% 28 March 2014


Tidal energy

OERA (Nova Scotia) & UK Cooperate to Advance Tidal Research 5 March 2014

UK and Nova Scotia to partner on Orkney tidal research projects 5 March 2014

Frazer-Nash irons SeaGen wrinkle 5 March 2014

Swansea lagoon up to examination 6 March 2014

TLSB’s Tidal Lagoon Application Gets Green Light 7 March 2014

Lockheed Martin to Optimize Design of Atlantis’ AR1500 Tidal Turbine 18 March 2014

Multi-technology tidal array demo facility (Isle of Wight) 18 March 2014

Isle of Wight tidal energy demonstration site plans unveiled 20 March 2014

Puget Sound Tidal Project Gets Pilot License(US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) 20 March 2014

Tidal lagoons could provide cheaper electricity than offshore wind 21 March 2014

Kawasaki turbine details still under wraps 25 March 2014

Former Hafren Power CEO Eyes Severn Estuary Barrage 28 March 2014

OpenHydro selected for Nova Scotia tidal energy project 28 March 2014

Siemens confirms Bluewater tidal deal 28 March 2014


Wave energy

Atlantic resort (Tenerife) set to cash in on wave energy 3 March 2014

Carnegie Delivers CETO 6 Commercial Design 21 March 2014

Pelamis to Consult with Public over Farr Point Project 21 March 2014



Wind energy

Floating Wind Farms Venture Farther Out to Sea 4 March 2014

UK’s Wind Power Breaks Record Once More 4 March 2014

New wind energy record shows renewables are vital to UK 4 March 2014

Consortium to Cut Costs of Offshore Wind 7 March 2014

LiDAR Ordered for Wind Farm Development 12 March 2014

EWEA Report: Wind Energy Significantly Helps Conserve Water Supplies 13 March 2014

DONG Energy and Oxford University collaboration – bringing down the cost of offshore wind 18 March 2014

Scottish offshore wind farms to be world’s third largest 19 March 2014

‘Energetically sustainable’ wind power can provide surplus clean electricity 23 March 2014

Blast off at Gwynt y Mor 24 March 2014


Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, drones and robots

Unmanned robots to collect climate data from ocean floor 12 March 2014

Robotic fish designed to perform escape maneuvers 13 March 2014

Pentagon boosting its push for underwater drones 13 March 2014

MIT's robot fish is nearly as speedy and squishy as the real thing 13 March 2014

Flying Robot Would Monitor Environmental Health 20 March 2014

Crabster Robot Could Change The Way We Explore Underwater Sites 28 March 2014