Offshore renewable news for November 2014

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, drones and robots

Marine energy device back on track after being 'hijacked' by boat    5 November 2014


Company News

Marine specialist SeaRoc teams up with HSEQ Experts    1 November 2014

EDF grabs Blyth offshore demo    1 November 2014

New Tidal Joint Venture Business Launched    5 November 2014

SCHOTTEL HYDRO Established in Germany    10 November 2014

Dong wins 700MW off Isle of Man    11 November 2014

FoundOcean, BASF cement tie-up    11 November 2014

Manx government’s preferred partners to develop wind and tidal power in the island’s territorial waters    11 November 2014

Wind turbine blades to be manufactured in Isle of Wight as part of programme to secure up to 800 UK jobs    12 November 2014

Tocardo snaps up IHC Tidal    18 November 2014

 DECC Invites Tenders for Energy Consultancy Services    18 November 2014

EMEC casts low carbon net wider    24 November 2014

Siemens Exits Tidal Power Industry Blaming Slow Development    25 November 2014



ABPmer Facilitates BSI EIA Guidance for Offshore Renewables    1 November 2014

Wind Power Breaks More Records In The U.K.    5 November 2014

 6 Alpha clears paths for TenneT    11 November 2014

On-site met data vital, says Crown    11 November 2014

NASA's New Wind Watcher Ready for Weather Forecasters    11 November 2014

Ireland Gets Wind and Wave Atlas    11 November 2014

NASA's RapidScat ocean wind watcher starts Earth science operations    18 November 2014

Siemens Releases Environmental Product Declarations    26 November 2014

Norcom Technology Gets Funds to Map East Anglian Seabed    27 November 2014

UK Q2 Wind Energy Generation Down 19 Pct    27 November 2014


Energy Storage

Researchers develop next-generation magnesium batteries    10 November 2014

RES unwraps 40MW battery plan    11 November 2014

Total buys into US storage start-up    13 November 2014

Battery support for renewable sources announced by Aquion    16 November 2014

Muons help understand mechanism behind hydrogen storage    18 November 2014

Energy Storage Emerges as an All-Purpose Grid Asset    19 November 2014


Environmental Impact

Listening in on whales, dolphins    5 November 2014

Subsea Microphones to Follow OWFs Impact on Marine Life    6 November 2014

Maryland University to Study Offshore Wind Impact on Marine Life    6 November 2014

Halifax businessman with love of the sea explores tidal power impact on marine life    7 November 2014

Study Looks Into Macrobenthic Recovery After Dredging in Offshore Wind Farm    14 November 2014

PacifiCorp sues to block release of bird-death data at wind farms    17 November 2014

UMass IGERT Student Presents Environmental Research    19 November 2014

Offshore Wind Giants Unite to Protect Harbour Porpoises    26 November 2014

Bournemouth Council: Navitus Bay’s Impact on Tourism to Cost Nearly GBP 1 Bln    28 November 2014



East Anglia 1 feels CfD squeeze    1 November 2014

£450,000 for ocean energy projects    2 November 2014

Cornerstone investor for Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay    3 November 2014

North Wales Tidal starts cash hunt    3 November 2014

Renewables set for EU jump leads    26 November 2014

GIB Pays GBP 240 Mln for 20% Stake in Sheringham Shoal’s Owner    27 November 2014

UKTI Releases Guide on UK Offshore Wind Investment    28 November 2014



Lidar controlled turbine    4 November 2014

Innovative Monobase GBF to Undergo Testing at MARIN    5 November 2014

On-site fabrication process makes taller wind turbines more feasible    6 November 2014

Magnetic 'crawler' trialled by Newcastle firm with energy market aspirations    6 November 2014

An autopilot for steering flying windmills    10 November 2014

Offshore test site for novel floating vertical axis turbine approved by French authorities    10 November 2014

Bourne Develops Solar-Hydro Hybrid Power Generator    10 November 2014

Windfarm maintenance breakthrough?    11 November 2014

Nemos Prototype Completes Trials    24 November 2014

K2 Management Assists DBD with Floating Foundation Design    24 November 2014

CableFish Trials Underway at EMEC    24 November 2014

New generation turbine foundation makes its debut    24 November 2014

US Navy hooks Stingray    26 November 2014

Wind and Tidal Power to Produce Hydrogen ?    27 November 2014

Magallanes install floating tidal turbine at EMEC    28 November 2014

University of Wollongong Working on Super Efficient Offshore Wind Turbines    28 November 2014


Marine Bioenergy

Digestion strategy in shipworms holds potential for biofuels    13 November 2014


Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion   

Makai building OTEC demo    3 November 2014



UK Approves 750-Megawatt Offshore Wind Project    7 November 2014

Red tape 'adding to offshore bills'    11 November 2014

Developer Submits ‘Plan B’ Application for Navitus Bay    17 November 2014

Clock ticking on Dogger decision    19 November 2014

PINS expands Navitus exam    21 November 2014

Consultation opens on how MMO will consider sustainable development in marine planning    24 November 2014

Marine Spatial Plan Created for Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters    27 November 2014



Renewable energy target thrown into confusion as negotiations collapse (Australia)    11 November 2014

Energy Priorities    13 November 2014

Offshore wind farm lifetime extensions: why the ‘beyond 2020’ energy policy dialogue must start now    17 November 2014

France Ploughs Ahead with Renewable Energy While Australia Scales Back Clean Energy Policies    18 November 2014

Department publishes guidance for marine development (Isle of Man)    24 November 2014

Address to the Tidal Energy Summit    26 November 2014

Scottish Parliament to Take Over Crown Estate’s Assets in Scotland    27 November 2014

UK 'should axe £1bn offshore pot'    28 November 2014


Renewable energy

Class NK Eyes Singapore Renewable Energy Facility    1 November 2014

EGP and DCNS to develop marine energy R&D facility in Chile    1 November 2014

6 Renewable Energy Trends to Watch for in 2015    6 November 2014

Wind of Change: European grid prepares for massive integration of renewables    7 November 2014

Earth moves at Cornish marine hub    11 November 2014

International co-operation key to marine energy success    12 November 2014

Minesto’s CEO Forecasts Strongest Trends in Renewables Industry in 2015    13 November 2014

France Backs Four Offshore Renewables Projects    17 November 2014

London has faith in marine energy    26 November 2014

Renewable Energy Now Scotland’s Largest Source Of Power    27 November 2014


Tidal energy

Tocardo, Ekornergy Team Up in Tidal Projects Off South Korea    4 November 2014

New Company Set Up to Harness Tidal Power    4 November 2014

Nova Scotia in talks with Irish firm to expand tidal research centre    4 November 2014

ORPC taps tidal sweet spot (Maine USA)    5 November 2014

Alstom Tidal Devices Hit 1GWh (Scotland)    7 November 2014

Tidal Energy in China to Move Forward    7 November 2014

Calls for Anglesey to seize tidal energy initiative    8 November 2014

MeyGen Orders Tidal Turbines from Andritz    10 November 2014

Jan Reid, Scottish Development International, on building the far reaching Scottish tidal industry    17 November 2014

Tidal momentum builds at Fundy    17 November 2014

Project seeks to harness – and harvest – the force of Fundy    17 November 2014

Plat-o gets sea legs    20 November 2014

£1bn tidal lagoon: Swansea Bay deadline looms    22 November 2014

Siemens abandons tidal energy    24 November 2014


 Wave energy

StingRAY Project Announcement    5 November 2014

Stonehenge Completes Protean Wave Energy Transaction    10 November 2014

Marine Energy Making Waves on Both Sides of the Pond    17 November 2014

WavePOD pumps out first power    19 November 2014

Wave power firm Pelamis calls in administrators    21 November 2014

Scotland creates wave energy unit as it blames Whitehall for Pelamis woes    22 November 2014

Wave and tidal staring into abyss    24 November 2014

Scotland to Establish Wave Power Development Body    24 November 2014

VIDEO: Carnegie Deploys First CETO 5 Unit    25 November 2014

Collaboration key to wave power innovation    25 November 2014


Wind energy      

Vestas V164-8.0 MW Turbine Breaks All Records    4 November 2014

Official figures show outstanding October for wind energy    5 November 2014

Milestone Year for UK Offshore Wind    10 November 2014

K2 dives into floating wind    23 November 2014