Offshore renewable news for October 2014

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, drones and robots

Cefas Sends Its Wave Glider on First Mission    1 October 2014

Underwater robot for port security    1 October 2014

Exploring the oceans: EvoLogics is partner of the SUNRISE project connecting swarms of AUVs into the “internet of things”    1 October 2014

Unlocking Seabed Secrets with Underwater Robots    2 October 2014

NOC Co-Ordinates Marine Robotic Vehicles Survey (UK)    2 October 2014

U.S. Navy Testing Unmanned Autonomous ‘Swarm’ Boats    6 October 2014

Robots to map marine life in key fishing areas    14 October 2014

IAMC in Need for AUV    17 October 2014

Autonomous Technology for Offshore Wind Farm    20 October 2014


Company News

Jee’s Subsea Cable Solutions for Scottish Enterprise Tidal Energy Installations    1 October 2014

EWP to Build Wave Energy Power Plant in Gibraltar    1 October 2014

Fluor sues Gabbard fabricator    1 October 2014

EU backs Areva/Gamesa JV    1 October 2014

North Wales Tidal Energy & Coastal Protection Co Ltd set for launch    9 October 2014

A2Sea to tackle Dudgeon turbines    17 October 2014

Energy security - a critical component    20 October 2014       

Energy firm moving HQ to Gloucester a "game changer" for city    25 October 2014



Measuring Ocean Winds and Waves from Space    1 October 2014

Pelamis Redeploys Wave Measurement Buoys at Farr Point    3 October 2014

MeteoGroup strikes lightning deal    6 October 2014

First-of-its-kind Geostationary Lightning Mapper completed for GOES-R satellite    9 October 2014

Optimizing how wind turbines work with machine learning    14 October 2014

Swansea buoy to measure wave energy    15 October 2014

LandScope Buys Blueview 3D Underwater Scanner    17 October 2014

Robin Rigg Bathymetric Survey Complete    20 October 2014

MESL in Benthic Characterisation for Torr Head Tidal Project    24 October 2014

Axys joins Walney 3 campaign    27 October 2014


Energy Storage

Battery system will be able to light 2,500 homes    1 October 2014

Hawaiian Electric Narrows List Of Energy Storage Providers    1 October 2014

Will Lithium Ion Work for Grid-Scale Storage?    2 October 2014

Is Distributed Energy Storage the Energiewende’s Missing Link?    2 October 2014

AREVA And Schneider Electric Team Up On Energy Storage    3 October 2014

Giant Energy Storage Project Aims at Renewable Energy's Holy Grail    15 October 2014

Renewable Energy Storage Gains Critical Mass    20 October 2014

Evaluating powerful batteries for modular grid energy storage    24 October 2014

Batteries Are a Crucial Component of Our Energy Portfolio    27 October 2014

German Experts Lock Horns over Storage    30 October 2014


Environmental Impact

Bats may be mistaking wind turbines for trees    1 October 2014

US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management targets fishing  impacts    2 October 2014

Four offshore wind farms approved despite 'deadly' impact on seabirds    10 October 2014

Acadia prof questions reality of fish-friendly turbines    11 October 2014

Gardline Conducts Environmental Surveys for Humber Gateway OWF    14 October 2014

Germans cut noise impacts    15 October 2014

Study recommends ongoing assessment of impact of offshore wind farms on marine species    16 October 2014

Impact of offshore wind farms on marine species    16 October 2014

How Do Offshore Wind Farms Impact Marine Species?    20 October 2014



Tidal Summit London 25-26 November 2014    17 October 2014



Scots splash marine cash    2 October 2014

£300 million budget to launch UK auctions for renewables    2 October 2014

Global renewable energy investment on the rise    3 October 2014

Cornwall opens £1.85m marine pot    6 October 2014

Prudential backs Swansea Bay tidal    20 October 2014

UK Green Bank Set to Draw Offshore Wind Investors to $1.6 Billion Fund    20 October 2014

European Commission Studies Renewable Costs    20 October 2014

Behemoth Investor To Fund Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Development Firm    21 October 2014

US Navy awards $8 million to develop wave, tidal energy technology    24 October 2014

Atlantis raises £5m    24 October 2014

Public-private initiatives call for successful tidal demos to secure funding over next two years    30 October 2014

UK energy projects awarded €75 million of European funding    30 October 2014



Wave Energy Conversion Competition Offers Cash Prize    2 October 2014

Cable laying: a fresh approach    3 October 2014

JRC Issues Report on Innovations in Marine Energy Technology    9 October 2014

Alstom And DCNS Team Up To Develop Floating Offshore Wind Turbine    13 October 2014

Weather halts work on SeaAngel test turbine    24 October 2014

French funding for Ideol floating platform    27 October 2014

British-made wave power surges closer after successful test    27 October 2014

Toward a networked energy future    29 October 2014

BlueTEC tidal team to float demo    29 October 2014

ORPC in Sucessful Trials of OCGen Project    30 October 2014

Uranium-extracting technology for seawater earns research award for grad student    30 October 2014

Fukushima Offshore Floating Wind Farm Update    31 October 2014


Marine Bioenergy

Food, fuel and more will be produced in sea farms of future    8 October 2014

Seafarm Project Turning Algae into Food and Fuel    9 October 2014

Turning humble seaweed into biofuel    16 October 2014

APROMAR to Develop Sustainable Plan for Macroalgae Culture        21 October 2014

New seaweed industry    22 October 2014



Navitus Bay sails past New Forest    9 October 2014

Irish wind ‘at risk of politicisation’    9 October 2014

Consents ignite Scottish offshore    10 October 2014

Mainstream Approved To Build 450 MW Offshore Wind Farm In North Sea    13 October 2014

Scottish wind energy sector boosted by four new farms     13 October 2014

Virginia Governor Unveils Energy Plan That Includes Offshore Wind Focus    15 October 2014

Green light for £450m Able energy park    23 October 2014



Europe’s Energy Ministers Support Acceleration of Ocean Energy Deployments by 2020    2 October 2014

RenewableUK response to Energy Secretary's speech at the Lib Dems' party conference    7 October 2014

New policymaking tool for shift to renewable energy    23 October 2014

Ambitious EU targets for renewable energies make economic sense    24 October 2014

EWEA: European Council Leaders Showed 'Lack Of Ambition' On Renewables Target    24 October 2014

EU agrees 'historic' deal to tackle climate change    24 October 2014

Centrica chief knocks offshore regime    24 October 2014

Europe sets ‘lacklustre’ 2030 policy    24 October 2014

EU sets 27% renewable energy target    24 October 2014

EU Leaders Agree To Tough Carbon Regulations to Spur Renewable Energy Development and Fight Climate Change    27 October 2014


Renewable energy

First-ever global life cycle assessment of renewable energy future    6 October 2014

Scottish Renewables post-referendum paper    7 October 2014


Tidal energy

Snohomish County PUD drops tidal-energy project    1 October 2014

Energy deal signed for Pembrokeshire tidal project    1 October 2014

Alstom Delivers More Efficient Tidal Turbine    1 October 2014

Wind veteran targets Welsh tidal    7 October 2014

Bristol Tidal Energy Forum Kicks Off    14 October 2014

FORCE (Bay of Fundy) wired for action    20 October 2014

Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Gets New Funding    20 October 2014

Schottel Tidal Turbines Ready For Use    21 October 2014

Canada backs Water Wall demo    22 October 2014

Atlantis to Set Up Tidal Turbines in Bay of Fundy    29 October 2014

Partners Deliver Modular Floating Tidal Energy Platform    30 October 2014


 Wave energy

Marine ‘to hit 100GW by 2050’    1 October 2014

Offshore Energy Conference: Developments in Wave and Tidal Energy    8 October 2014

Bambora and AMC Team Up on Wave Energy    17 October 2014

US Energy Department awards $10m for wave energy    29 October 2014


Wind energy      

Wind power stabilises the electricity grid    1 October 2014

India gears up for maiden demo offshore wind project    6 October 2014

PMSS Says Investor Diversity Is Key To U.S. Offshore Wind Success    7 October 2014

The Big and Booming Business of Keeping Wind Turbines Spinning    7 October 2014

Moment of truth for US offshore    7 October 2014

U.S. Industry Expects Tipping Point For Offshore Wind    9 October 2014

RWE shelves Galloper    10 October 2014

RenewableUK statement on green light for Scottish offshore wind farms, and reaction to Galloper offshore wind farm announcement    10 October 2014

REUTERS SUMMIT-Offshore wind farms the future - Statkraft CEO    14 October 2014

French sharpen floating focus    15 October 2014

UK's wind farm 'folly': Electric bills to soar by £1000 thanks to reliance on wind power    15 October 2014

A response to the Express article published on 15 October, "Electric bills to soar by £1000".    15 October 2014

Wind fills UK energy supply gap    20 October 2014

Global Wind Energy Could Reach 2,000 GW By 2030: GWEC    21 October 2014

MAKE: Despite Grid Constraints, China's Wind Industry Is In Line For Record 2014    22 October 2014

China Cuts Forecast for Offshore Wind Power by 60%    22 October 2014

RWE pull out of Galloper wind farm scheme BBC    23 October 2014

UK wind power share shows record rise    24 October 2014

Experimental Floating Wind Farm Nears Installation    30 October 2014