Offshore renewable news for Sep 2014

DONG gets Burbo 2 green light, Bristol channel data available from the Crown Estate and Companies commit to 100% renewables. The offshore renewable related news for Sep 2014. Organised into the news categories...
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Company News
Statoil, Statkraft award Siemens mega Dudgeon contract    1 September 2014
MHI Vestas and Dong Energy expand partnership    1 September 2014
3sun: Offshore Wind Presents Powerful Opportunities, Gusty Challenges    2 September 2014
AW Energy to collaborate with Lloyds Register on WaveRoller technology    4 September 2014
Technip pulls plug on offshore    8 September 2014
MeyGen Project Pens Largest Marine Energy Lease    11 September 2014
Tribute Resources, Fundy Tidal in Joint Tidal Project    12 September 2014
OPT ready for new blood    12 September 2014
Pentland Firth turbine firm MeyGen signs 10-year power deal    17 September 2014
Tidal Lagoon Power Moves to New Premises    17 September 2014
Wales taps JBA, Partrac know-how    24 September 2014
Atlantis, Minesto win EU cash    24 September 2014
Pelamis confirms WestWave tie-up    26 September 2014
Big-Name Companies Commit To 100% Renewables Campaign    29 September 2014
Jee’s Subsea Cable Solutions for Scottish Enterprise Tidal Energy Installations    30 September 2014
EWP to Build Wave Energy Power Plant in Gibraltar    30 September 2014
  Crown Estate publishes new open data from the Bristol Channel    2 September 2014
Fraunhofer Researchers Improve Underwater Images    2 September 2014
NASA helps harness an ocean of energy    4 September 2014
US funds marine energy research    4 September 2014
Crown sets rules on seabed finds    5 September 2014
EMEC Makes New Animations for Wave and Tidal Test Sites    5 September 2014
Sgurr launches wind data portal    11 September 2014
Ahoy, offshore wind: Advanced buoys bring vital data to untapped energy resource    12 September 2014
Energy Storage
Cavernous Swiss Power Plant Undermined by Renewable Energy    1 September 2014
EVs and Energy Storage Pave the Road to a Clean Energy Future    1 September 2014
Safe Lithium Batteries with a Long Service Life    9 September 2014   
Energy Storage: Progress and Promise    10 September 2014
German Clean Energy Shift Can Ignore Storage for Now, Study Says    15 September 2014
Underwater Compressed Air Energy Storage: Fantasy or Reality?    16 September 2014
SoCal Edison opens mega-battery    25 September 2014
Battery system will be able to light 2,500 homes    30 September 2014
Hawaiian Electric Narrows List Of Energy Storage Providers    30 September 2014
Multi-objective optimization of an underwater compressed air energy storage system using genetic algorithm    Energy Volume 74, 1 September 2014, Pages 396–404
Parameters affecting scalable underwater compressed air energy storage    Applied Energy Volume 134, 1 December 2014, Pages 239–247
Energy storage systems supporting increased penetration of renewables in islanded systems    Energy Volume 75, 1 October 2014, Pages 265–280
Environmental Impact
Master Fined After Wind Farm Collision    2 September 2014
How marine life responds to underwater noise    2 September 2014
Greater Gabbard OWF Cables Cause Problems for Local Fishermen    3 September 2014
The Crown Estate Launches Protocol for Offshore Archaeological Discoveries    5 September 2014
How does underwater noise affect harbour porpoises?    9 September 2014
New Wind Power Study Aims To Put Bird Fatalities In Perspective    16 September 2014
Study untangles marine life risks    18 September 2014
New Research Improves on Earlier Bird-Killing Turbine Studies    19 September 2014
SNH offers help with kelp    25 September 2014
Bats may be mistaking wind turbines for trees    30 September 2014
Marine mammals and ocean noise: Future directions and information needs with respect to science, policy and law in Canada    Marine Pollution Bulletin Volume 86, Issues 1–2, 15 September 2014, Pages 29–38
DECC sets CfD date in stone    1 September 2014
Eco Wave Power Seeks Foreign Investment for Ocean Energy Development    3 September 2014
UK at all-time low in attractiveness for renewable energy investment    17 September 2014
Marine pours £217m into Scotland    23 September 2014
Investors Warm up to German Offshore    25 September 2014
UMaine to Test 56-Meter Wind Turbine Blade    3 September 2014
Oregon Wave Energy Device Gets Test; Hopes to Win by Avoiding Waves    5 September 2014
Saltwater-powered sports car approved for EU roads    6 September 2014
Device Harvests Power from Natural Temperature Fluctuations    8 September 2014
AdBm Demonstrates Underwater Noise Abatement Solutions    9 September 2014
France to build wind farm with stealth turbine blades    9 September 2014
Hydrogen production breakthrough could herald cheap green energy    12 September 2014
Topwind flashes bat signal    16 September 2014
The Switch to Deliver Full-Power Converter for Floating Power Plant    16 September 2014
Future of energy storage    16 September 2014
Swedish steel for floating platforms    17 September 2014
NASA's wind-watching ISS-RapidScat ready for launch    18 September 2014
U.S. DOE Helps Fund Quest For Taller Wind Turbine Towers    18 September 2014
New icing wind tunnel at Fraunhofer IFAM allows anti-icing tests under realistic conditions    19 September 2014
WavePOD starts German challenge    22 September 2014
Monitoring underwater structures    25 September 2014
Floating solar first for UK    29 September 2014
Marine Bioenergy
Innovative Seaweed Farming Trials Underway Near Port Lincoln, Australia    10 September 2014
Evaluation of marine sediments as microbial sources for methane production from brown algae under high salinity    Bioresource Technology Volume 169, October 2014, Pages 362–366
Production of biodiesel from carbon sources of macroalgae, Laminaria japonica    Bioresource Technology Volume 169, October 2014, Pages 455–461
Planning Inspectorate to Issue Hornsea 1 Recommendations    8 September 2014
Navitus Bay in PINs cross hairs    11 September 2014
Maritime Spatial Planning Legislation Now in Force    22 September 2014
Dong gets Burbo 2 green light    26 September 2014
Offshore duty for National Grid    29 September 2014
Renewables industry unifies around key tests for next Government    7 September 2014
Scotland Independence Could Put $23 Billion of Renewable Projects at Risk    9 September 2014
US offshore wind making progress, but craves policy certainty    8 September 2014
Renewables battle on in face of uncertain policies    11 September 2014
EC urged to mull 45% 2030 target    23 September 2014
Dutch map 3.4GW offshore zones    27 September 2014
Feasibility study of a combined Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion method in South Korea    Energy Volume 75, 1 October 2014, Pages 443–452
Renewable energy
Neural network-based forecasting for renewable energy transmission    5 September 2014
Britain slides to 5-year low in E&Y's renewable energy ranking    15 September 2014
Renewable energy resources: Current status, future prospects and their enabling technology    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Volume 39, November 2014, Pages 748–764
Tidal energy
£70m tidal project off Anglesey coast is suspended    1 September 2014
Bay of Fundy FORCE study looking at tidal power turbine potential    2 September 2014
Turbulent TIME for tidal experts    5 September 2014
Getting to the nitty gritty of tidal engineering: are 2MW-plus system packages the industry sweet spot?    8 September 2014
Developers to discuss 'large scale' tidal lagoon from Colwyn Bay to Rhyl    10 September 2014
MP set to meet Ribble barrage mastermind    12 September 2014
UK’s biggest marine energy lease for tidal project    25 September 2014
 Wave energy
Grants, program expansion to continue progress with wave energy development    9 September 2014
Carnegie: CETO Unit Offshore Preparations Complete, Onshore Testing Nears Completion    10 September 2014
Wave power milestone (Pelamis)    17 September 2014
Oz pair ready to build BioWave    18 September 2014
BioPower Systems Teams With WorleyParsons to Deliver Design For Wave Energy Project    17 September 2014
Pelamis Technology Shortlisted for Ireland’s First Wave Farm Project    26 September 2014
Wind energy      
Case for commercialised floating turbines in offshore Japan stronger than ever    1 September 2014
US offshore inches forward    3 September 2014
UK to be global leader of offshore wind energy market by 2020    5 September 2014
Deepwater demo gets green light    5 September 2014
Maine floater nails $3.8m grant    8 September 2014
Vattenfall to scrap Yttre Stengrund Offshore Wind Farm    18 September 2014
Global wind tally hits 336GW    18 September 2014
Gabriel upbeat on German wind    22 September 2014
Global wind expert says offshore wind will be one of the cheapest UK energy sources by 2025    23 September 2014
Renewable energy: Wind power tests the waters    24 September 2014
Future for offshore wind energy in the United Kingdom: The way forward    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Volume 39, November 2014, Pages 655–666
Life cycle cost analysis of wind power considering stochastic uncertainties    Energy Volume 75, 1 October 2014, Pages 411–418
Wind farms — Where and how to place them? A choice experiment approach to measure consumer preferences for characteristics of wind farm establishments in Sweden    Ecological Economics Volume 105, September 2014, Pages 193–203
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, drones and robots
Researchers Work to Create Smarter Underwater Drones    8 September 2014
BG Group, BIR in New Underwater Vehicle Project    16 September 2014
Flying robots will go where humans can't    17 September 2014
Using underwater robots for a better understanding of the underwater world    19 September 2014